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Season 6 Episode 11a
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The Jungle
Original Airdate March 20, 1999
VHS release Discover America
DVD release Season 6
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The Jungle is a Season 6 episode of Rugrats

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When The Rugrats  go to Faye's Garden Center to get some flowers for the Pickles' yard, Grandpa comments that there are so many plants there that it seems like a jungle. This leads the babies to believe they're actually in one. After Grandpa tells the kids how he once got jungle fever and Dil gets covered with pollen from a large flower, the Rugrats assume he has it as well. Can they get him to safety in the perilous jungle? - Description from Klasky Csupo


The Pickles family (along with Chuckie and the DeVille twins) are heading to a garden center to look for something to plant in their where their backyard shed used to be. The adults are arguing over what they should plant:

  • Didi wants to plant flowers.
  • Stu, being a lawn enthusiast, wants to plant Kentucky bluegrass.
  • Lou wants to plant something you can eat, like fruits and vegetables.

When they get to the garden center, the babies are marveling at all of the plants and other stuff that are there. Lil comments that there must be lots of bugs there, which makes Phil hungry. Phil then sees a dog food bowl with a dog bone in it and takes. When the dog that owns the dog bowl sees that his bone is gone, and sees that Phil has it, he gets angry.

While the adults are looking at all the plants, Lou comments that the place is "a regular jungle," and tells the others about a time when he supposedly went on an African safari and he and his group got stuck in the jungle for fifteen days. Stu and Didi don't believe him, but Lou insists that it's true, and that at one point, he came down with "jungle fever." The babies are excited that they're in a jungle and Tommy suggests going on an adventure, but Chuckie, as usual, doesn't want to, pointing out some of the dangers of the jungle.

Lou heads to the vegetable section after he's done telling his story, and Didi heads to the flower after seeing a clearance sale on purple roses and asks Stu to keep on eye the kids. Stu puts Dil on a cart and the kids follow him to another section of the garden center. Stu gets distracted by a lawn care video, and Dil sees a big red flower and pulls it into his face. Meanwhile, Chuckie's telling the others that they can go on an adventure if they want to, but he'll stay with Stu and watch the "grass movie."

Just then, they hear Dil let out a big sneeze, and when Tommy checks on him, he sees that Dil's got orange pollen and red flower petals all over himself. Tommy then thinks that Dil has "jungle beaver." Tommy, Chuckie, Phil and Lil make it their mission to get Dil to the hospital (later turns out to be a smoothie stand) and find him some medicine. They take the cart that Dil's on to the "hospital," but are soon being followed by the poodle that Phil had taken the dog bone from (they imagine the poodle as a lion). Phil's trying to get him to go away, but Lil and the other boys see this and get scared, but they manage to get away.

But when the Rugrats come across a river (really just a stream of water from a hose), they try to find a way across, and see a pulley with a tray to get across, and the tray can only fit two people. Tommy and Phil go across first, then Lil and Dil. Chuckie at first, refuses to go across, but does so when he sees the "lion" (poodle). When Chuckie finally gets across, it shows that Lou and Didi are just a couple of aisles over from them. The two have reached over what to plant: sunflowers--for Didi, they look beautiful, and for Lou, you can eat the seeds. Didi goes to pay for the flowers and tells Lou to round up Stu and the kids.

Dil ends up getting the hiccups, which worries Tommy into thinking that Dil's "jungle beaver" is getting worse. They find another customers cart to take to the "hospital." When they finally make it, Chuckie gets stuck in a pile of "quick sand" (fertilizer). Tommy gets him out, and the boys head to the "hospital," but run into the "lion" that's been following them for most of the episode.

To finally get the "lion" away from them, Phil throws him the dog bone that he had taken at the beginning of the episode. Lil comes by with Dil and Tommy and Chuckie tell her how Phil saved them from the "lion" and how it was a good thing he had the dog bone in his pocket--which makes them realize that that was the reason that the "lion" had been chasing them the whole time. They get mad at Phil, but get over it and take Dil to the hospital.

They see a "doctor" come from the "hospital" (Didi coming from the snack bar with an herb-and-root smoothie). Didi's happy to see the kids, and gives Dil some of her smoothie. At the end, Stu and Didi are loading stuff into the trunk of their car, and the Rugrats are happy that they saved Dil from the "jungle beaver." But Chuckie gets worried that Dil might not have taken enough medicine, because he spit out some of the smoothie that Didi gave to him. The Rugrats then imagine Dil as a beaver as he starts teething on a nutcracker.


  • It's unknown if Lou has ever actually been to Africa.
  • Chuckie mispronounces "laughing hyenas" as "latin hyenas."
  • When Lou was suggesting to plant something you can eat, he first suggested corn or soybeans.
  • It's never explained why the Pickles family got rid of their backyard shed.
  • This episode is featured as a bonus cartoon on the Nick Jr. video "Imagine That!" at the very end.
  • This episode reveals that Phil and Lil solve some of there arguments (Ex. Who goes first) by pulling strands of hair from Chuckie's head and whoevers strand is the longest gets to do what the twins were fighting over.