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The Inside Story Gallery Transcript

Angelica: Uncle Stu, Grandpa, Come quick! The babies are eating watermelon!

Grandpa: Sorry, kids. Eating watermelons is something you can't do 'til you're a little older. Wouldn't want to swallow to seed, would ya? (Grandpa spanked Chuckie's back while he laughs, and Chuckie gulped.) You don't want a watermelon to grow in your tummy...?

Scientist: If we don't get that thing out of him, it's going to explode!

Scientist: The only way we could save the president is to shrink down with a laser beam and actually go inside his body!

Angelica: Everybody ready? OK! Let's get small!

Angelica: Everyone stand under the lazy beam!

Phil: Spike ate that seed!

[The kids gasps.]

Angelica: Anyone ever been inside a dog before?

Chuckie: Uh-oh.

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