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Season 8 Episode 5a
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The Doctor Is In
Original Airdate February 9, 2002
DVD release Season 8
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"The Doctor Is In" is a Season 8 episode of Rugrats.

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Inspired by a loud and bossy talk radio doctor, Angelica pretends to become an advice doctor for the babies. She tells Chuckie that he needs to be more assertive, that Phil and Lil are too dirty and disgusting, that Kimi is too happy, and that Tommy is too bossy. When the babies start to follow her advice, will Angelica be sorry she told them anything in the first place? - Description from Klasky Csupo.


Didi and Betty were listening to a radio program hosted by a woman with strong attitudes on parenting. That radio show led to Didi and Betty reevaluating their parenting skills, but when they refused to see eye-to-eye on parenting, they start to reevaluate their friendship. This inspires Angelica to open her own "office" to dispense important advice to the Rugrats, in order for each other to stay friends -- she told Tommy not to be so bossy, Phil & Lil not to be gross, Chuckie to be brave, and Kimi to be like Angelica.


The episode begins with Didi, Betty and Angelica in the kitchen of Didi's house, with the two women listening to radio talk show "doctor," Dr. Cathy, who Didi likes but Betty doesn't. After hearing a comment Betty makes, Angelica decides to become a "doctor" so she can become "rich and famous just for being bossy," and decides to "help" the babies by giving them advice on how to be happy.

First, she tells Chuckie that he needs to be more assertive, then she tells the twins that they can't get dirty anymore, then she tells Tommy that he can't tell the others what to do anymore, and finally, she tells Kimi that she can't be constantly happy all the time and needs to be more "cool," like Angelica. Later, after the babies tell Angelica that her so-called "advice" wasn't very good, as it's not making them happy like she said it would. Angelica claims that they aren't following the advice correctly, but the "advice" ends up backfiring on Angelica when Chuckie takes her toy car for a joyride (after being angered by Angelica trying to make him wash it). When she tries getting the other babies to stop him, they point out the advice she gave them.

Chuckie crashes into Angelica's "doctor" stand, and Tommy says that Chuckie was really assertive, but Chuckie admits that it's not all it cracked up to be, and Angelica yells at the babies, claiming that they don't know what "happy" is. Tommy, Chuckie and Kimi, and Phil and Lil start playing in the mud, and Tommy says that it's easy to be happy when no one's giving you advice on how to be happy.

Meanwhile, Didi and Betty get into a fight while they're listening to Dr. Cathy, and at one point, Betty leaves Didi's and goes back to her house, but ends up coming back to Didi's house when she hears Didi on the radio talking to Dr. Cathy. When Betty goes to Didi's house to confront her about it---while Didi's still on the phone with Dr. Cathy---the "doctor" tells the two women that they have a lousy friendship, and that Betty should stop  "dumping her little monsters" at Didi's house. Didi gets angry and tells her that she and Betty have a great friendship and that she loves her kids and loves having them over at her house. Dr. Cathy tells Didi that she needs to stop interfering in Betty's life, but admits that she doesn't blame her for doing so. Betty grabs the phone and she and Didi tell her that they don't interfere in each other's lives, they look out for each other. They turn off the radio and Didi and Betty make up for their fight by hugging.


  • Both Betty and Angelica acknowledge the fact that they can be loud and bossy.
  • Didi and Betty are the only parents of the Rugrats who appear in this episode. Surprisingly, Tommy's younger brother, Dil, doesn't appear in this episode, or it's sister episode. Although he was referenced in this episode.
  • Dr. Cathy really isn't a very good "doctor," after what's shown in this episode.

Moral: Treat other people with respect and kindness


Tommy: It's easy to be happy when no one is giving you advice on how to be happy!


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