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The Bully, as seen in The Smell of Success.

The Bully is a character who appears as the main antagonist of the episode, The Smell of Success. He is voiced by Mona Marshall.

Role in The Smell of Success

In The Smell of Success, the Bully first appears fighting Angelica over her Cynthia doll. When Tommmy, Chuckie, Phil, and Lil come over to see what's the matter, Tommy tries to tell the Bully that Cynthia is Angelica's doll and she doesn't have to share it with anybody if she doesn't want to. The Bully asks Tommy who can tell him otherwise, and when Tommy tells him, "All the Growed-ups in the World", the Bully pushes him down, then takes Cynthia from Angelica and buries her in the sandbox.

Chuckie decides to make a deal with the bully; he bets the Bully that he can smell everything he ate for lunch. If Chuckie's right, the Bully has to leave him and his friends alone, and if he's wrong, the Bully can have Cynthia and his and his friends' snacks. The Bully agrees to this deal, and lets Chuckie smell his breath. Chuckie then smells the Bully's breath and correctly guesses that the Bully had pizza, pudding, and apple juice through a straw for lunch. The Bully, not wanting to admit Chuckie was right, decides to go back on his promise and take Phil and Lil's snacks anyway. Before he can eat them, though, Chuckie tells the Bully that if he does go back on his promise, he'll tell everyone the other thing he ate for lunch. The Bully denies that he had anything else, but Chuckie tells him that, unless he's wrong, and he highly doubts he is, the other thing the Bully had for lunch was broccoli. The Bully gasps, and Tommy, Phil, Lil, and Angelica all tease the Bully for eating broccoli. The Bully then tells them that he didn't want to eat broccoli, but his Mom made him, then tosses Phil and Lil's snacks in the sandbox and runs away, crying.

The next day, the Bully returns, wanting revenge on Chuckie for humiliating him yesterday. He tells Chuckie to sit up and let him kick sand in his face, but Chuckie refuses to move. The Bully then sees Cheddar, who Dr. Brander gave to Chuckie as his new pet, and pushes Tommy down to get him. He and Chuckie fight over Cheddar, until Tommy tickles the Bully's armit, causing him to lose his grip. Tommy and Chuckie run away, but the Bully chases after them through the tunnels and onto a rope bridge. Tommy and Chuckie jump on the rope bridge, causing the Bully to lose his balance, then they split up at the swings, causing the Bully to get caught in one of the swings and get swung about by it. When Tommy and Chuckie pass by an anthill, Chuckie's nose starts to get stuffed up again. The Bully catches up to them, but Chuckie sneezes the most powerful sneeze he ever sneezed at the Bully, pushing him into the anthill and causing the ants in it to crawl into his pants. The ants bite the Bully's butt. He then runs crying for his mommy and he is never seen or mentioned again.


  • The Bully's real name is unknown, as he never referred to by it in The Smell of Success at all. He is referred to as "Bully" in the closing credits.


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