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Season 9 Episode 13a
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The Bravliest Baby
Original Airdate June 8, 2003
DVD release Season 9
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"The Bravliest Baby" is a Season 9 episode of Rugrats.

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The Babies try to be find out who's the bravest.


It starts with the babies pretending to climb "Mount Neverest". Phil complains of seeing Lil's diaper up her skirt, and Chuckie worries as he thinks it's the scariest mountain ever. Tommy is nearly at the top, but falls down a slide and lands near Angelica. She asks if he's all right, and he says he thinks so, and she says it's good, and tells him to get off her toy car. Chuckie asks Tommy if he's okay, and asks what happened. Tommy says he doesn't know. Kimi wants to continue playing at climbing a mountain, but Tommy doesn't think it's that good an idea and neither does Chuckie. Tommy is scared of the mountain game and suggests making sandcastles. The babies gasp as they don't want to and they think Tommy's acting weird, and Angelica gives her smug smile.

Kimi says they were almost at the top and asks why Tommy and Chuckie want them to stop. Tommy, not sure why he's scared, says it may rain, which Angelica doesn't agree with, and Tommy, for some reason, says he has to go potty. Phil says "So, go. Diapies hold a lot." Tommy is tongue-tied and Angelica says he turned into a scaredy-baby. Chuckie says that that is not true and Tommy's the "bravliest" baby they know, but then worries and asks Tommy to back it up. Tommy looks up at the slide, gets scared, and says that they need a new baby to be the bravliest. This scares the other babies. Tommy says they need to figure out who is actually the bravest and whoever wants to finish climbing Mount Neverest can climb without him. Phil says that they can't go without Tommy as Chuckie doesn't want to go either so who will stop him from running away?. Chuckie agrees and Kimi says she doesn't know which one of them is the bravliest.  Tommy suggests figuring out using Eeny-meenie-"tiny"-mo. Angelica says that the bravest is the one who is the best at doing scary stuff, but they need someone to scare them. Chuckie lets Angelica scare them, but only if Tommy does the scary stuff too.

Angelica shows them the roundabout, which she calls the Scary-Go-Round Of Doom and says the winner is whoever stays on the longest. Tommy is confident again and says that it can be ridden if big kids ride it, but Chuckie is starting to back down. They get on. Angelica gets them going and Tommy starts to become scared again, but then decides to make it less scary for himself and the others by going to the middle where it's less spinny, making Chuckie says this makes Tommy the bravliest. He leads the babies (Kimi's imagining them in yellow jumpsuits) to the middle, but falls back to his handle. Falling reminds him of the slide experience and he becomes very scared that he will fall. Kimi uses her feet to stop the roundabout, knocking down Angelica. Tommy says he doesn't feel very brave. Chuckie says that all the babies lost the test as none of them fell off, but the next one is so scary the ones in diapers will wet/soil them. She shows them a play tube and calls it the Tunnel of Terror, saying the first baby to come out is the bravest, but babies never leave it. She then says that she loves being herself. The babies go into the tube. Phil and Lil like being in the tube as there are bugs in it. Lil and Chuckie are worried the tube may be haunted.

Chuckie points out that while Tommy is scared of the slide, he's not scared of ghosts or monsters, so he starts to lead them, which pleases Lil. However Tommy sees slippery rocks which remind him of falling and tells the babies to go slowly so they won't fall, which Phil doesn't like. Chuckie sees a cat and thinks it's a monster and dashes out, Tommy tells him to be careful. Angelica is making a mudpie and Chuckie, running away from the cat, knocks her over and tells her a monster is coming. The cat walks out. The other babies come out and Kimi says Chuckie is the bravliest as he came out first.

Chuckie doesn't feel very brave as he was running away and part of being brave is not running away. Angelica quits and falls in the mud. Chuckie says Tommy is the bravliest. Tommy says Chuckie is as the running was brave, and announces Chuckie will lead the climb, while he (Tommy) plays in the sandbox. The twins worry that Tommy will stop going on adventures with them. Kimi says they still have a leader: Chuckie, and he can be as good a leader as Tommy. Chuckie is too scared to lead the babies as the alleged mountain is very big and it's his first time, and he suggests tying his shoes. Kimi, Phil and Lil are not in the mood, and walk off. Chuckie then gets a wave of inspiration and bravery and leads the babies. Tommy is playing in the sandbox talking to himself and to a face he drew called Sandy. Chuckie is higher than where Tommy was.

He does a thumbs up, says everything is okay, but then the babies lose their footing and fall onto a ledge and get stuck. Nobody knows what to do until Chuckie has an idea: calling for help. The others call for help too. Tommy is scared but determined and goes out to help them. The cat climbs out of a hiding place on the jungle gym, scaring Chuckie again. Tommy climbs the "mountain". Phil and Chuckie think the cat is about to eat them. Tommy throws his friends ropes so they can climb. The cat jumps. Kimi thanks Tommy for "saving" them. Lil says Tommy is brave again. Chuckie asks how Tommy stopped being scared of the mountain game and asks to be taught how to overcome fear, and he says he doesn't know, but it was triggered by them calling for help. Tommy says Chuckie is the bravliest and Tommy says they all are, but Chuckie still thinks he's a little less brave.




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