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Season 8 Episode 5b
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The Big Sneeze
Original Airdate February 9, 2002
DVD release Season 8
Complete Series
Previous Episode The Doctor Is In
Next Episode The Fun Way Day

"The Big Sneeze" is a Season 8 episode of Rugrats .

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When Angelica tells Chuckie that he is allergic to Kimi, Tommy and the gang try to stop him from sneezing when she is around. - Description from Klasky Csupo.


Every time Kimi gets close to Chuckie, he sneezes. The cause of this? Dandelions that Kimi was holding. But Angelica, seeking another opportunity to fool the Rugrats, said that Chuckie is allergic to Kimi.


Chuckie thinks he is allergic to Kimi. Chas buys Kira a gold locket for their 3,000 hour anniversary.


  • Chas: 3,000 hours ago, you, me, Chuckie, and Kimi became a family. Happy anniversary Kira.
  • Kira: Okay, little ones, time to play outside. Except for you, Kimi. Chuckie put his toys away, now it's your turn.
  • Kimi: (Mylan Crying) Chuckie does it different, like this. Why doesn't Chuckie want to play with me?"


  • In this episode, it is revealed that Chas used to own a cat named "Yowler", but gave it up when he became allergic to cats.
  • Karma: Angelica's only to get the popsicle stick. But Chuckie turning towards to Angelica, and sneezed on her face.
  • Chas buys Kira a locket for their "3,000 hour anniversary" which would be about 125 days, or a little over four months, since they were married.
  • Moral: Running away will never solve any problems.

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