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The Big House Gallery Transcript

Didi: I'll see you a five o clock sweetie. (Didi leaves as she has to go to work and closes the door. Tommy then starts crying)


Sandra: Oh, Tommy Wommy, Don't cry. Will be okay, Tommy. You can play with this. (Sandra hands Tommy a ball as Tommy stops theme crying and plays a ball)

(Tommy ends up falling into a wagon, which rolls across the room, knocks over Builder's block structure, crushes Doughboy's clay cat sculpture, and rams into a wall. Doughboy stares at what happened as the Funeral March plays.)

Tommy: (gasps) Sorry.

(Doughboy starts crying about his dead clay cat with density effect sound)


Sandra (after confiscating the cup): No, no, no Tommy. Noisemaking is not part of timeout.

Wiseguy: Well, a lot of guys have tried it, and...

Justin: He had a buddy who tried to break out.

Wiseguy: (pushes Justin aside) I can tell it. He tried to climb out the window. They caught him before he even reached the bars!

Tommy: What did they do to him?

Wiseguy: (as sad cello music plays) First, they put him in the pen... just to soften him up. Then, they made him put away all the toys in the playroom, by himself! (as the music gets more dramatic) Then, they... c-CALLED HIS MOM!!! (starts bawling)

Justin: They transferred him to Happy Valley Day Care. We never saw him again.

Tommy: Well, my plan's different. We're not gonna get caught, and we're not gonna get transferred neither. We're just gonna get out.

Crybaby: New kid wants to meet behind the swings at playtime. Pass it on.

Builder: Meet behind the swings. Pass it on.

Doughboy: Behind the swings. Pass it on.

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