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Season 3 Episode 20a
The Alien
Original Airdate March 6, 1994
DVD release Season 3
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"The Alien" is a Season 3 episode of Rugrats.

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When Angelica is told she is too big to play in the new playhouse Chas has built for the other Rugrats, she tells them that Chuckie is actually an alien and that the playhouse is a space ship. - Description from Klasky Csupo


Angelica is having the babies be her slaves and bring her things. Suddenly, Chas brings a new playhouse he built for Chuckie and his friends. The babies are excited to play in it. When Chas leaves to answer a phone call, a jealous Angelica pushes the babies out of the way. She tries to go in but she can't fit. She complains that it's too small. Phil says that he and the others can fit in, but Angelica says no. She says if she can't go in there, none of them can. Tommy complains that isn't fair. Chas comes and gets Chuckie so he can say hi to his grandma on the phone. Tommy and the others are still determined to go in the playhouse, but Angelica still determined not to let them go in, makes up a story saying that Chuckie is an alien from outer space.

She says she found out one night when she snuck away to visit the Finsters. Both Chuckie and his dad were shown to have zippers on their backs revealing to be costumes which after being taken off, reveal themselves to be six-eyed reptilian aliens reporting to outer space with a plan to use their spaceship disguised as a playhouse to kidnap the babies and take them back to their home planet. The gullible babies believe her story and are now too frightened to go in. Chuckie comes and asks if they are going to play in the playhouse. He seems upset at how distant his friends seem and concludes that they don't like him anymore. Tommy tells him that it isn't the reason and says that they now know that he is an alien, which he denies, but Angelica, determined to keep up the charade insists that a real alien would never admit it.

They decide to go through a series of tests which makes Chuckie seem more alien-like, though he keeps insisiting that he isn't. Finally Angelica decides to do the ultimate test by spraying Chuckie with a water hose seeing if he will melt like the Wicked Witch of the West. After some persuasion from Chuckie, Tommy decides enough is enough and that Chuckie is his friend whether he is an alien or not. Phil and Lil still aren't convinced and help Angelica with the hose while Tommy tries to stop them.

Finally Chuckie hides in the playhouse. Tommy still determined to help his friend, goes in after him despite Angelica's objections and finds the playhouse to be exciting and fun. Angelica sprays Chuckie with the hose and nothing happens, finally convincing the babies that Angelica had made everything up after all. Phil and Lil join the others in the playhouse leaving Angelica outside, who, in a blind rage, that her plan had failed, calls them dumb babies and accidentally squirts herself in the face with the hose.

Tommy apologizes to Chuckie for thinking he was an alien, Chuckie accepts and replies that these days you can't tell who's an alien. Phil is seen playing with the steering wheel, and the episode ends with the playhouse suddenly blasting off into the sky someplace.


  • The appearance of the six-eyed reptilian aliens is very similar to the reptiles of the episode "Calling All Creeps" of the live action series Goosebumps.
  • There are two inconsistencies with Angelica's story. First of all, she would not have been able to sneak out of her house unnoticed, as the noise she made while tying her sheets together and going out the window would have alerted her parents, and they'd order her to get back in bed. And secondly, she could not have been able to get to Chuckie's house, because she doesn't know the way.
  • Scientifically speaking, Chuckie could not be an alien, because astrophysicists are still unsure if life exists on other planets.
  • Moral: Don’t make fun of people because they are different.


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