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The Age of Aquarium Gallery Transcript
Season 8 Episode 6b
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The Age of Aquarium
Original Airdate February 23, 2002
DVD release Season 8
Complete Series
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"The Age of Aquarium" is a Season 8 episode of Rugrats.

Characters Present


The gang visits a marine theme park, which practically resembles Sea World on the cheap -- your run-of-the-mill stage show, an exhibit of the world's greatest maritime disasters, a souvenir stand with tired employees hawking bubble guns, and a trained shark show -- using mechanical sharks. The Rugrats, as usual, run away to the park's centerpiece -- a ship that houses the park's aquarium. This, of course, leads the Rugrats to believe that the ship is sinking, so they find ways to float the already dry-docked boat.


The Rugrats visit "Bob and Ed's Marvels of the Sea Amusement Park", and when they get taken to an aquarium housed inside a large boat, they think they will have to live underwater unless they can stop the boat from sinking. They try to make this happen by blowing bubbles, which doesn't work (but does cause the gift shop to be overrun with suds). They have better luck plugging some water pipes, which leads the main valves flooding and a scene right out of the movie Titanic (sort of)! - Description from Klasky Csupo


  • The ship centerpiece is similar to the one that resembles the kiddie section at the real Sea World, at least in Orlando, FL.
  • The ending of this episode, which takes place in the disaster exhibit, fittingly resembles the Titanic disaster off the coast of Newfoundland in 1912. This was the same disaster made popular by a 1997 film by James Cameron
  • "Marvels of the Sea" has robotic sharks that perform in the show "Shark Fever".


Phil: Anything that makes you throw up has got to be good!

Tommy: We're gonna see lots more talking animal shows. We're babies! That's all they take us to!

Security Guard (blows his whistle shrilly when he catches the babies on the dry-docked boat): You babies aren't supposed to be here! (he continues to blow his whistle)

Gift Shop Worker (flatly): Forget your troubles with ocean bubbles.