The 'Lympics

Season 4 Episode 6b
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The 'Lympics
Original Airdate September 6, 1997
DVD release Season 4
Nick Rewind, Sports, Duh
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"The 'Lympics" is a Season 4 episode of Rugrats.

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It's the Rugrats vs. The McNulty in various athletic challengers as they battle for each other's gold medals. - Description from Klasky Csupo


The kids meet the McNulty's, as Timmy and Angelica are team coaches. Soon, the babies realize they've met their rivals.


Angelica and the babies meet Timmy McNulty and his younger brothers. Timmy and Angelica claim "their" babies and themselves to be better, so they organize the 'Lympics. As the prize, Angelica and Timmy bet their special gold medals. In the end, Angelica's team won when Chuckie quickly completed his part of the final event and made a mad dash to the bathroom because he had to go potty.


  • When revealing her age, Angelica said she was "4, almost". This implies that this episode takes place after "Angelica's Birthday" from the previous season.
  • This episode marks the first appearance of the McNulty brothers. Timmy was set up as a male rival for Angelica, while his younger brothers were rivals for the main cast of babies.
  • In this episode, Chuckie first independently used the public restroom.
  • The McNulty boys have a lighter skin color in this episode though in later episodes their designs are changed and their skin color is darker.
  • This is the first episode Tara Strong portrayed in.
  • The last time this episode (along with "America's Wackiest Home Movies") aired on Nicktoons is June 28th, 2021.

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Chuckie Needs His Afternoon Nap Rugrats NickRewind
Chuckie Needs His Afternoon Nap Rugrats NickRewind
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