Terry in his container.

Terry is a tarantula featured in Spike Runs Away.


After Spike runs away, Stu, to Didi's surprise, comes home with a tarantula. Stu insists the tarantula is friendly, and he even had him de-fanged so he can't bite. Stu named the spider Terry and asks Didi if she wants to pet him. Didi quickly replies "maybe later", so Terry is introduced to Tommy and Chuckie. They let Terry out of his container to try and have him play with them, but instead the spider wanders the house. It eventually ends up in Grandpa Lou's room, and on his bed, where he's currently sleeping, but soon wakes. Back in the kitchen, Stu has just revealed Terry cost $50 (which Didi also disapproves of) when they hear Grandpa Lou scream upstairs. Moments later he walks into the kitchen with a wad of tissues. He explains there was a huge spider in his room, but it's okay because he "got him" as he tosses the wad of tissues into the trash.


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