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Teddy McNulty
Also Known As Teddy McNulty
Gender Male
Birth Date 1990
Age 1 (Rugrats)
Race Human
Occupation None
Interests To play, disgusting things and Cynthia
Relatives Timmy McNulty (brother)
Todd McNulty (brother)
Ty McNulty (brother)
Terry McNulty (brother)
Conan McNulty (grandfather)
Colleen McNulty (mother)
Friends Timmy McNulty
Todd McNulty
Ty McNulty
Terry McNulty
Tommy Pickles (sometimes)
Gabriel Lasky
Enemies Tommy Pickles
Gabriel Lasky
Kimi Finster
Voice Actor Tara Strong
First Appearance The 'Lympics (Rugrats) (Season 4) (1997)
Last Appearance Wash/Dry Story (Rugrats) (Season 7) (2001)

Teddy McNulty is the youngest of the McNulty boys. He's probably the same age as Tommy, 1 year old, but younger. Teddy has brothers named Timmy, Terry, Todd, and Ty. He is voiced by Tara Strong.

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2 4 Trivia

  • Teddy and his brothers were nowhere to be seen or even mentioned by any of the other Rugrats throughout All Grown Up!. It may be possible that they may have moved away to live somewhere else.
  • Teddy and his brothers has never met Dill Pickles despite appearing in three episodes with him.
  • He is a 1 year old like Tommy but he doesn't turn 1 until in the episode "Fugitive Tommy".
  • The only episode where he and his brother Timmy appears without Todd, Ty and Terry is the episode Chuckie's a Lefty.


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