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Season 7 Episode 12c
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Talk of the Town
Original Airdate April 27, 2001
DVD release Season 7
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"Talk of the Town" is a Season 7 episode of Rugrats.



Both Kimi and Angelica have received new toys: Angelica got a Cynthia talk show toy and Kimi got one of those toys where you push beads along pipes. The other Rugrats think Angelica toy is really cool and want to play with it--with the exception of Chuckie, who would rather play with the toy that Kimi got. However, when he goes to play with it, he trips and accidentally falls on it, and breaks it. Chuckie hides the broken toy so Kimi doesn't find out what happened.

Angelica explains to the babies that she wants them to be guest on her "talk show," and tells Susie to get the babies ready for what they want to do on the show. Kimi says she wants to show off the new toy she got, but when she goes to get it, she sees it's missing. When she asks Chuckie where it is, he says they should look for it later, which Kimi agrees to. While Angelica's looking for ribbons and bows to wear for her show, she finds Kimi's broken toy. She gets eager to find out who broke it.

While the other Rugrats are in the living room, Chuckie reveals to Tommy about what he did, and asks what he should do. Tommy says that Chuckie has to tell Kimi the truth, claiming that it's the only way. Chuckie's a little reluctant to do so, but he knows that Tommy's right. As Chuckie's about to tell Kimi what happened, Angelica tells him to be quiet and that the show is about to start. Angelica calls Kimi up to sit by her, and has Kimi talk about her toy. When Angelica asks Kimi what she feels her life would be like without it, Kimi says it would be horrible.

Then Angelica calls up Phil and Lil, tells them they shouldn't lie since they're "on TV" and has them admit a secret of theirs: the twins explain that they figured out how to take off their diapers (which obviously wasn't what Angelica wanted to hear). Then Tommy comes up and admits that he sometimes shares his food with Spike even though his mom says he shouldn't. Angelica obviously thinks that that's a lame secret, and Chuckie finally comes up, since he's the last of the Rugrats.

Chuckie's really nervous, and he eventually admits that he was the one who broke Kimi's toy. Chuckie apologizes to Kimi about what happened, and they all go to the drawer where the broken toy is. When Angelica asks how Kimi feels about what happened, Kimi admits that she's happy and now everyone has a piece of the toy to play with. Angelica and Chuckie are both surprised that Kimi isn't mad at Chuckie, with Angelica feeling that he's supposed to be in big trouble.

Angelica's new toy ends up getting ruined while Tommy, Chuckie, Kimi, Phil and Lil have fun with Kimi's broken toy.


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  • None of the adults appear in this episode. Dil Pickles doesn't appear in this episode either.
  • Susie reveals that she wants to become a TV-interviewer in case her dream of being a surgeon/chef like her mom doesn't work out.
  • This episode marks the third time Phil and Lil take off their diapers, the first two times being in Naked Tommy and Acorn Nuts & Diapey Butts, respectively.


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