Also Known AsSarah Maynston
Birth DateUnknown
OccupationHigh school student
Rock band member
Cheerleader (formerly)
RelativesLulu Pickles (Great Aunt)
Rest of the Pickles family
Dusty (possible love interest, formerly)
Voice ActorAmanda Bynes
First AppearanceHappy Taffy
Last AppearanceKimi Takes The Cake
Sarah "Taffy" Maynston is Lulu's 16 year old grand-niece (Taffy's maternal grandmother is Lulu's sister), who was hired as a regular babysitter for the babies (or "The Minis" as she calls them) after Didi Pickles decided to go back to college to earn her master's degree in child development. Despite her obviously unorthodox babysitting methods, Taffy's the best babysitter the Rugrats have ever had. Being the lead singer of her band, 'Taffy and The Saltwaters', she also loves to sing and play guitar. She is also a little clumsy. She cares about the environment and also believes in honesty.

Angelica admires Taffy greatly, which makes Taffy ecstatic to have her own "groupie". Taffy, like most teenagers, does go after boys (only seen once in the show).

At one point, the babies believe she hates Dil after they hear her say she hates "Dil Pickles". however, they take it out of context as she is talking about dill pickles. At the end of the episode, the babies are relieved that she doesn't hate Dil and called him 'sweet'. She is also revealed to be fond of dill pickles, saying that its sweet pickles she hates, which is again taken out of context by the babies.


Taffy's first appearance was in Happy Taffy and her last was in Kimi Takes The Cake. She also makes a final appearance in the non-canon series Rugrats: Tales From The Crib.


  • Taffy doesn't appear in the series until the eighth season, and thus only appears in a few episodes.
  • She's not a character in All Grown Up! or has she been mentioned, but she'd be around twenty-six in the show if she had been a character. By the spin-off series, the Rugrats are in middle school so they don't really need a babysitter anymore. However, she could have easily been hired at the Java Lava or been involved in Susie's music dreams, providing tips or encouragement.
  • Strangely ironic, Taffy's voice actress, Amanda Bynes, did the voice of one of Charlotte's daughters, Nellie from Charlotte's Web 2: Wilbur's Great Adventure. Whilst Taffy's grand Aunt, Lulu Pickles, was voiced by the late Debbie Reynolds, who provided the voice for Charlotte in the original 1973 Charlotte's Web film.


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