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TP+KF Gallery Transcript
Season 5 Episode 3
All Grown Up - TP + KF
Original Airdate November 26, 2007
Previous Episode Trading Places
Next Episode Super Hero Worship

"TP+KF" is the third episode from Season 5 of All Grown Up!.

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When the gang looks for Halloween costumes in the Finster's garage, they find TP+KF (Kimi carved) on the wall. Chuckie believes that Tommy has a crush on his sister, Kimi. Meanwhile Dil goes trick-or-treating the day before in order to beat the rush, but only gets money and get's annoyed. The argument between Tommy and Chuckie escalates to where their friendship falls apart. The gang tries to bring the two back together. Chas has a new security system to scare away anyone who might want to T.P (“toilet paper”) his house.


The episode starts with the tweenagers (Chuckie is a practical teenager, kind of) searching in the basement for Halloween costumes at the Finsters. Then after Lil removes a box, they find TP+KF carved.  Both Tommy and Kimi quickly deny this statement, as Tommy is snobby and tells Kimi to "Tell Chuckie I have no interest in you" and Kimi eventually does. Later, Chuckie gets suspicious when Tommy goes to meet Kimi about something (not knowing they were talking about him) but eventually they break their friendship. Then later, Tommy and Chuckie still refuse to apologize to anyone, but Kimi hatches a plan. The tweenagers eventually trick Tommy and Chuckie into going into the same two-headed lizard costume, but after they break the costume apart Kimi admits she liked Tommy when she was nine (and shows at the end of the episode she still does), and that she carved the initials.


  • The last scene implies that Tommy and Kimi may have feelings for each other.
  • It is revealed in the episode that Kimi carved the "TP+KF" initials two years prior to the events of the episode.
  • This episode revealed that Chuckie can sew.
  • A running gag in this episode is people mistaking Phil's Halloween costume as a car salesman rather than an international spy (and "ladies' man").
  • Ending tagline: "You looking to lease, or buy?" - Phil
  • Chuckie said he has an uncle when Tommy picked up a top hat and ask who wore it but his dad is an only child as it was said by his grandparents in the episode The Family Tree.


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