Susie vs. Angelica

Season Two Episode 25b
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Susie vs. Angelica
Original Airdate May 2, 1993
DVD release Season 2
Complete Series
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"Susie vs. Angelica" is a Season 2 episode of Rugrats.

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Susie and Angelica play a little game of "Top This" to see who's the best 

- Description from Klasky Csupo


Angelica's convinced that she reigns supreme at everything she does, but Susie decides to stand up to her to prove her wrong. The two girls "compete" in various "events" to see who truly is "the best."


Tommy and Angelica Pickles, Chuckie Finster and DeVille twins are hanging out at the Carmichael house while their parents are away. Angelica takes the ball the babies were playing with and kicks it over to the next yard, saying that she can do anything she wants, including taking Lil's doll away, taking Tommy's juice away and kicking dirt on his feet. As soon as Angelica begins to pull Chuckie's hair, Susie comes in the backyard and tells her to leave the babies alone. Soon, the two begin to argue. Tommy begs them to stop arguing, and Susie comes to the conclusion that fighting doesn't fix anything. Susie asks the rest to come inside the house for peanut butter and marshmallow sandwiches, but Angelica mocks Susie, calling her a chicken. Susie retaliates with the "I'm rubber, you're glue" expression. Angelica says that she can do anything better than Susie, but Susie disagrees. The two begin to argue again on who's better. Tommy suggests that the girls can have a contest to see who is better.

Inside Susie's room, Angelica and Susie are playing Chutes and Ladders, with Susie winning nine games in a row. Angelica suggests a do-over, but Susie says "no way, I won nine games in a row, I win". Angelica suggests that they have a best two-out-of-three with holding their breath the longest. However, Susie wins that, too. Angelica then suggests a best "two-out-of-four" with a pudding-eating contest. Angelica then becomes too full and passes out, with Susie winning. Dizzy, Angelica suggests a best "two-out-of-seven" with jumping on the bed the longest. However, Angelica jumps too far and crashes into Susie's toy pile, suggesting a best "two-out-of-nineteen" with a swinging contest to see who goes farther. This time, Angelica wins, but then becomes a bit dizzy. Tommy then suggests one more game, winner takes all. Angelica picks a race around the circle sidewalk ten times.

Angelica lets Tommy be the flag waver and Phil and Lil to be the "spit" crew. Chuckie didn't want any part of it at first, thinking someone might get hurt, but Angelica gives him an important job: becoming a peanut vender, saying that the peanut can come in handy sometime.

The race begins with Angelica on the firetruck and Susie on the big-wheel. Susie comes ahead one time, but almost runs over a snail and gets behind again. As the race was nearing the finish, Angelica notices one of the wheels on Susie's big-wheel wobbling. Angelica rams the firetruck at the side of the big-wheel, taking the wobbly wheel out and knocking Susie out of the race. Just as Angelica was celebrating victory at the last lap, she runs into the ball she threw earlier (it was tossed back by one of the Carmichaels' next-door neighbors) and is turned over, unconscious. Chuckie waves the peanut over Angelica's face, waking her up in disgust.

Susie suggests that they don't need to see who is the best at anything after all with Chuckie including that they are just the best at things in different ways. Angelica then admits that Susie is the best Chutes and Ladders player, while Susie admits that Angelica is the best racer. While the two go inside the house to reconcile, the two begin arguing again, this time, over who has the best hair. Having had enough, the babies scream and run away as Susie and Angelica pull each others hair and continue to argue. Here we go again...


  • In most episodes after this that feature both Susie and Angelica, it's shown that Susie's more talented than Angelica at pretty much everything with Angelica constantly trying to outdo Susie by cheating.
  • With the exception of one of Susie's next door neighbors and Susie mentioning her dad, no adults are seen or mentioned in this episode.
  • During the Nickelodeon haystack logo, we can hear Phil hacking and spitting and laughing.
  • This is the first episode without adults.
  • This episode was in 70th place in's "Top 100 Greatest Moments in Nicktoon History".
  • For some reason, the theme to the fishing show Grandpa Lou watches plays over the credits, despite not being featured in "Driving Miss Angelica" or this episode.
  • Morals:
    1. If you have new talents; don’t be greedy by making fun of someone else who doesn’t.
    2. Play nicely instead of arguing and fighting.

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