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Susie Goes Bad Lite Gallery Transcript
Season 5 Episode 1
All Grown Up - Susie Goes Bad Life.jpg
Susie Goes Bad Lite
Original Airdate November 21, 2007
Previous Episode A DeVille House Divided
Next Episode Trading Places

"Susie Goes Bad Lite" is the first episode of Season 5 from All Grown Up!, and the 46th overall.

Characters Present:


Tired of being considered a "goody goody" by the popular kids, Susie tries desperately to prove that she can be a bad girl. Meanwhile, Phil discovers that he has a talent for cooking when he's forced to take an elective class on it.


  • Phil: Never push through a profession where you have to wash your hands.
  • Tommy: I still can't believe that you got kicked out of cooking class.

Phil: Who knew there were such things as health regulations?

  • Susie: Angelica's right. I do have this force field of perfection around me. I'll always be reliable, always get good grades, always floss and always do the right thing. I'll probably end up President of the United States. My life stinks!
  • Angelica: We need something to distract our minds, I know! I'll sing!

Susie: If you'll sing, I'll let go for sure!

  • Angelica: Hey! Beauty ain't pretty!
  • Tommy: Step away from the bowl.

Chuckie: We're here to help you, son.

  • Chuckie: He was here all day! Lecturing me about things like "prep work" and the right way to peal a banana!

Tommy: Isn't there just one way to peal a banana? Chuckie: No, Tommy. No, there isn't.

  • Chuckie: You'll never guess what nickname I've invented for myself. Go ahead, try!

Tommy: Scoop?

Chuckie: Aw, you guessed!


The transcript can be found here.


  • Ending Tagline: "What's up, fool?" - Susie
  • It is revealed that Phil is talented at cooking, a trait which acquired from his father.
  • According to Tommy, Phil made Didi cry after he criticized her cooking.
  • Phil was kicked out of cooking class for violating health regulations.
  • It's revealed that Angelica always skips gym class.
  • Tommy takes an elective in photography and Chuckie takes an elective in journalism.
  • Dil does not appear in this episode.
  • This is the second time Susie is seen with her braids worn down. The first was "In the Family's Way".


The gallery for this episode can be found here.

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