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Super Thing.png
Name Superthing
Species Stuffed Super Hero Made from an old oven mitt
Occupation None
Owner Kimi
First Appearance Angelicon

Superthing is Kimi's favorite stuffed toy that she enjoys playing with, much like Wawa to Chuckie, Henry to Tommy, toy dinosaurs to all the babies, and Cynthia to Angelica. He is a homemade super hero made from an old oven mitt, sewn by Kimi's mother, Kira Finster. Stuffed with cotton, and with buttons for eyes, he was designed based on the description: a toy her mother made her with love and creativity.


  • Whereas Henry the Lion and Reptar are items bought in the store and cherished by the babies, Superthing is much like Wawa- both were made by mothers out of love for their children. Whereas Wawa is one of the only things Chuckie has to remember his mother (Melinda) by, Kira is still living.
  • Superthing appears in both Rugrats Royal Ransom and Castle Capers. In Royal Ransom, Superthing is among the toys Angelica stole to force the babies to be her subjects (Along with Henry (only referrred to as Lion), Wawa, and a bag of worms Phil and Lil had). The babies must go up each level of Stu's new playset in order to reach the final game "Stormin' The Castle" to defeat Angelica and get their items back. In Castle Capers, Angelica steals all of the babies cherished items (Tommy's screwdriver, Dil's binky. Lil's mudpie, Phil's worms, Kimi's Superthing, and Chuckie's Wawa) when she delcares herself queen of the new storybook playset Stu has made. The babies must work together in each game to get their items back. Superthing can be found in Beanstalk Babies (a parody of Jack and the Beanstalk) after avoiding Angelica the Giant and climbing the top of the beanstalk.