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Super Hero Worship Gallery Transcript
Season 5 Episode 4
Super Hero Worship
Original Airdate November 27, 2007
Previous Episode TP+KF
Next Episode What's Love Got to do With It?

"Super Hero Worship" is the fifth episode from Season 5 of All Grown Up!.

Characters Present


Chuckie is upset when his favorite superhero since he was five, Armadillo Dave, gets cancelled, so the teenagers try to help him search for a new one. Meanwhile, Tommy needs serious help with a sixth grade science project so he can pass science class.


  • This episode reveals that Chuckie learned to read at the age of five.
  • This episode considers that Dil, for the last time, wears a trap-door pajamas, though his pajama were blue.
  • Melinda Finster was mentioned in the episode, though Dil didn't talk throughout the series of Rugrats, he knows that Chuckie lost his mom, as he says to Tommy that Chuckie knows what it's like to lose someone, but it is unknown how Dil knows Chuckie's mom died, though he could have found out later on.
  • Ending Tagline: "Just as well. I was getting nauseous smelling my own breath." - Harold


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