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Season 9 Episode 12b
Original Airdate February 1, 2004
DVD release Season 9
Previous Episode Baby Sale
Next Episode The Bravliest Baby
Steve is a Season 9 episode of Rugrats.

Characters Present


The babies create a snowman (they call him a snowbaby) named Steve, and they try to make him not melt and get him inside the house.


It is snowing and the babies are having fun making footprints and snow angels. Then they build a snow baby, giving him a blue rattle for his right arm, a red spade for his left arm, a pink lollipop for his nose, coal for eyes, a rope for a mouth and sticks for hair. Then they decide to name him. Phil suggests Worms, Lil suggests Snowy, but Tommy, Chuckie and Kimi think he looks like a Steve and that's the name that wins out. Stu thinks that he should teach the kids how to make a "real" snowman. The babies (sans Dil) decide to throw Steve a party and Kimi makes snow castles, Phil and Lil dance while Chuckie and Tommy put him in a red wagon. Then the sun comes out and the snow starts melting. Phil, Lil and Kimi think Steve is going potty, but Tommy knows he (Steve) is melting as he (Tommy) has seen ice cream melt before it goes bye bye, so they try to fix him but have to come inside for hot chocolate. After got chocolate which Phil and Lil didn't like but the others did, the snow has melted. Tommy thinks Steve has gone somewhere, Phil and Lil think he is hiding and Chuckie thinks he's dead but Kimi says all his parts are still there, he has probably just melted and then is still around but grown up, so they throw the party for Steve who is now a water man and more snow falls.


  • The episode's plot was recycled from a "Baby Looney Tunes" episode, "Snow Day".
  • This is the ninth time Tommy is seen wearing shoes.
  • How can it snow in California? If that's where the setting is.


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