Spike Runs Away Gallery Transcript
[The episode begins with a view of the night sky. The camera moves down until it reaches the fence in the backyard of Tommy's house. A close-up of a cricket's head is shown, and Spike's reflection shows up in its eye. Spike sniffs the cricket, which chirps as it hops away. The cricket hops through the fence, and Spike follows it, getting stuck halfway, until he eventually gets through. The cricket continues chirping as it hops, and Spike chases after it. He runs into the road, stops, wimpers, then runs away. The camera moves up to the night sky, and the scene transitions to some dark storm clouds as thunder booms and lightning flashes. Rain falls down from the sky, and the cricket chirps as it hops through the puddle. It hops out of the way just in time, as Stu, who is wearing galoshes, steps into the puddle.]
Stu: "Spike!" [The camera moves up to Stu, revealing he is dressed in a brown rain coat and holding up a pink umbrella.]  "Spike!" [An overhead view of Tommy's house is shown as Stu walks down the sidewalk, then the previous view of Stu is shown as he looks around, but doesn't find Spike.]  "Spike!"

[Stu walks away, then thunder booms and lightning flashes. A close-up of Chuckie's shirt is now shown as Chuckie puts the spoon in his bowl of oatmeal. Chuckie is seen not wanting to eat his oatmeal.]

Didi: "Come on, Chuckie, have some more oatmeal! Don't you want your Dad to be surprised how big you've grown when he gets back from his business trip?"

[A zoomed-out view is now shown, revealing Tommy to be sitting in his high chair and eating his oatmeal next to Chuckie. Thunder booms and lightning flashes as Stu opens the back door and walks in. He then closes the back door and his umbrella.]

Stu: "It's no use, Deed! I've looked everywhere for him!" [puts his umbrella in the sink.] "That dog is gone!"

[As Didi talks to Stu, Stu removes his raincoat.]

Didi: "I can't believe Spike would run away! Oh, he's never done anything like this before!"

[Tommy and Chuckie look at each other in concern.]

Stu: "Well, there was the time he followed Mr. Henson home."
Didi: "That's true."
Stu: "And the time he chased the Johnsons' cat down to the Sixth Street Fish Market. I haven't been able to face halibut since!"
Didi: "Well..."
Stu: "And the time that he..."

[Before Stu can finish, Didi walks up to him and interrupts.]

Didi: "Okay, okay, I take it back! He has done things like this before!"

[Tommy and Chuckie stare in shock.]

Didi: "But I'm still worried!"
Stu: "Yeah, me too. We can't afford to pay for another 300 pounds of kippers!"
Didi: "Hey, let's call Betty! Maybe he's gone that way!"

[Didi walks out of the kitchen, and Stu follows her.]

Chuckie: "Wow! Did you hear that? Spike ran away!"
Tommy: "Yeah, he's probably out seeing his friends."
Chuckie: "Well, I hope he comes back soon."
Tommy: "He'll be back before you know it!"

[A view of a calendar is shown. Pages fly off it, starting with APRIL 7 until it reaches April 10. In the next scene, Didi is driving her car as she, Tommy, and Chuckie look for Spike. Tommy waves his hand and looks over at Didi. They see what looks like Spike looking through a trash can. Didi stops her car near him, and she, Tommy, and Chuckie all have excited expressions on their faces, until the dog gets out of the trash can, revealing that he isn't Spike. He has a different head, shorter and pointier ears, and red eyes. He growls at Didi, Tommy, and Chuckie, and they all gasp when they see him. Didi looks at Tommy and Chuckie, who look sadly back at her. In the next scene, Didi, Tommy, and Chuckie are all inside Tommy's house that night. Didi opens the door for Stu, who is holding a flashlight. He looks at her and nods his head, "No", indicating that he hasn't found Spike yet. Tommy and Chuckie frown in unison. The next morning, Stu puts up a flyer that says, LOST DOG SPIKE. IF FOUND CALL 555-1246. In the next scene, Stu and Didi wait sadly by the phone, but no one calls. In the scene after, a view outside the dog pound is shown as the various dogs inside bark. The camera zooms in on the entrance, then transitions to a view outside an office, with the words, DOG WARDEN on the window of the door. Didi and Stu's silhouettes can be seen in the window nearby.]

Dog Warden: "Oh, yes, we got all the vital information."

[The Dog Warden is seen reading from a folder.]

Dog Warden: "How long has Spot been missing?"
Didi: "It's Spike, actually."
Dog Warden: "Whatever."
Stu: "Whatever?! There's a dog out there, Mister. A lonely, cold, sad dog who needs his family! And I want to hear something more from you than 'Whatever'!"
Dog Warden: "Let me ask you something, Mr. Pickles, do you have any idea how many dogs are reported missing in this city every day?"
Stu: "Well, no."
[The Dog Warden pushes down on the stack of papers next to a can of Flea-B-Gone flea spray.]
Dog Warden: "A lot! That's how many. We don't have the man power or the resources to find them all! The fact is... a lot of them don't even want to be found."
Didi: "But there must be something you can do." 
Dog Warden:  [picks up a folder from the top of the pile.] "Some of these dogs change their names and move to other states. Others just get lost in the seamy canine underworld where they'll do anything, and I mean anything for a bowl of hearty chunks and a pat on the head! I'm sorry I can't be more help to you folks. "Maybe if this department had a bigger budget. But..."

[The Dog Warden walks up to Didi and Tommy, and puts his hand on Tommy's shoulder.]

Dog Warden: "Listen, go home, try to go on with your lives."

[A view outside the office is shown as the Dog Warden walks up to the door and opens it.]

Dog Warden: "If anything turns up, anything at all, I'll... give you a call."
Stu: "Thank you, Sir."

[Stu and Didi walk out the door, and the Dog Warden closes it behind them.]

Dog Warden: "Why do I have to care so much?"

[In the next scene, Tommy and Chuckie are sitting in the playpen.]

Chuckie: "But why did Spike go away like that? Wasn't he happy here?"
Tommy: "I don't know. I thought he was happy. Well, we played together all the time! I remember it like it was just yesterday!"

[The camera zooms in on Tommy as his flashback begins. In his flashback, Tommy and Spike are seen rolling on the floor together. Tommy giggles as Spike licks his face, then Tommy hugs Spike. Tommy and Spike are then seen playing a tug-of-war with a toy bone they are holding in their mouths, and they growl as they pull on the bone. Tommy and Spike are then seen sniffing the trunk of a tree, then eating from Spike's food bowl. Finally, they are seen sleeping together. Tommy's flashback then ends.]

Chuckie: "I sure hope Spike comes back."

[Tommy sniffles sadly.]

Tommy: "Me too, Chuckie. Me too."

[Tommy cries, and Chuckie tries to calm him down by putting his hand on his shoulder. A view inside Spike's empty doghouse is shown, then Tommy and Chuckie are revealed to be looking sadly at it from the outside. The camera moves over to Didi and Lou, who are both watching them from inside the house.]

Didi: "I hate to see them like that. I think maybe it's time we thought about getting another pet to replace Spike."
Lou: "I don't think Stu will go for that!"
Didi: "I know it'll be hard at first, but I think it's for the best."

[An overhead view outside Tommy's house is now shown as Didi parks her car in the driveway. Stu is sitting sadly on the couch, and Tommy is sitting sadly next to him. The door opens, and they look over in hope that Spike has returned. Didi walks in with Cuddles, a tiny purple and blue poodle.]

Didi: "Her name's Cuddles. Oh, isn't she just adorable?"
Stu: "Deed, that's a poodle!"
Didi: "Not just any poodle! This is a poodle with a pedigree! She belonged to old Mr. Fillihulster! I can't imagine why he was willing to give her up, but his loss is our gain!"

[Tommy crawls up to Cuddles, but before he can pet her, she barks angrily at him, frightening him.]

Didi: "I'm sure she and Tommy will get to be fast friends!"

[In the next scene, Tommy rolls his ball towards Chuckie, until Cuddles runs between them and catches the ball in her mouth. She runs over to the corner with it and chews on it, and Tommy and Chuckie walk up to her. She grows at them.]

Tommy and Chuckie: "Aaaah!"

[Tommy and Chuckie run away as Cuddles continues chewing on Tommy's ball, popping it. She wimpers as she falls over. In the next scene, Tommy opens the latch on the playpen, but before he can get out, Cuddles growls at him and Chuckie. Tommy gasps and closes the playpen in fear as Cuddles barks at him and Chuckie, who hold each other in fear. In the next scene, Didi is on the couch, reading from a book that says, CALL OF THE WILD on the front cover. Tommy crawls up to Didi, until Cuddles runs up to them and jumps into Didi's lap. She and Tommy both stare in shock at her. In the next scene, Tommy and Chuckie are back in the playpen, eating cookies, until Cuddles runs up to them. She barks at them, and they sigh in disdain and toss their cookies at her. Cuddles then eats one of the cookies, then barks.]

Chuckie: "Well, I guess Cuddles is kinda like Spike!"
Tommy: "Chuckie, I knew Spike! Spike was a friend of mine! And let me tell you something, that poople is no Spike!"

[In the next scene, Didi is in the kitchen as Stu carries a large bag of dog food that says, DOG GRUB HIGH-QUALITY KIBBLE.]

Stu: "Dumb dog eats better than we do!"
Didi: "Stu, have you noticed that Tommy and Cuddles don't seem to be, well... bonding?"
Stu: "Bonding? Who could bond with that?"

[Cuddles growls as she pulls on the leg of Stu's pants. She eventually rips it off and falls over. In the next scene, Stu is at the front door as he opens it for Didi.]

Stu: "Well?"
Didi: "I think Mr. Fillihulster was glad to have her back! Although she did bite him the minute she got inside the door."

[In the next scene, Tommy and Chuckie are seen in the playpen again. Chuckie is holding a new ball identical to the one Cuddles popped earlier.]

Chuckie: "You think that poople is really gone for good?"
Tommy: (sadly) "I don't know, but I sure wish Spike would come back!"

[Back in the kitchen, Stu and Didi are seen sitting at the table.]

Didi: "Maybe another dog wasn't the right way to go."
Stu: "I know! When I was a kid, I had an eight-foot boa constrictor! It almost ate Drew one time!"
Didi: "Stu, we're not having a snake in this house! Parrots are supposed to be nice."
Stu: "Nah, I heard they live to be over 100! Who wants something that old hanging around the house?"

[Lou walks in.]

Lou: "Hey, anyone seen my truss?"
Didi: "Good point."
[Stu gets out of his seat.]
Stu: "Leave it to me, Deed! I'll find the perfect pet!"

[In the next scene, a view outside WALDO'S WACKY WORLD OF PETS is shown. Cats, dogs, and birds are shown in the windows. The sign in the window says,
The sign next to it says, ALSO:

Pet Clerk: "May I help you, sir?"

[A view inside the pet store is now shown. As Stu talks to the owner, the animals shown in cages are an elephant, a giant mantis, a giant snail, a lion, a blue gorilla, a shark, a mad coyote, black cats, and snakes.]

Stu: "Uh, yeah. I'm looking for a pet for my son. Maybe a turtle?"
Pet Clerk: "A turtle?"

[The Pet Clerk holds up both his hands like stop signs.]

Pet Clerk: "Oh, believe me, Sir, a pet conneseur like yourself wouldn't be interested in a turtle; they're nothing but trouble. I mean, you want to talk vicious..."
Stu: "A pet turtle?"
Pet Clerk: "Oh, you wouldn't believe the stories I've heard! So far, the turtle hobbyists managed to keep them out of the press, but let me tell you something; some of them are pretty grim!"
Stu: "I had no idea! Well, what would you suggest?"

[In the next scene, Stu sets down a bag with the WALDO'S WACKY WORLD OF PETS logo on it onto the kitchen table.]

Didi: "A tarantula?! You bought Tommy a tarantula?!"
Stu: "Deed, the guy at the pet store said they make great pets! Here, take a look!"

[Stu reaches into the bag and pulls out a glass case with Terry the Tarantula inside. He sets it down on the table.]

Didi: "Ewww!"

[A view from Terry's eyes are shown as he looks down at Didi.]

Stu: "Come on, Deed, he isn't poisonous. In fact, he's even been defanged so he can't bite."
Didi: "Well, it is kind of cute."

[Terry crawls up to the edge of his case..]

Stu: "Yeah, I named him Terry. He's completely harmless. Friendly, too."

[Stu picks up Terry's case.]

Stu: "You want to pet him?"
Didi: "May... maybe later, Stu."

[Stu walks into the living room, carrying Terry's case.]

Stu: Tommy! Chuckie! I've got a new friend for you to meet!"

[In the next scene, Terry's cage is in the playpen with Tommy and Chuckie.]

Tommy: "He doesn't do much, does he? Hey! Let's see if he'll fetch the ball!"

[Tommy opens the door on Terry's case. Terry crawls out, and Tommy rolls his ball. Terry crawls away from the ball and up the stairs. He then crawls into Lou's bedroom, where Lou is sleeping in his bed, and onto Lou's bed. A view from Terry's eyes is shown as Lou awakens and stares at Terry in horror. Back in the kitchen, Didi and Stu are sitting at the table.]

Didi: "Fifty dollars for a spider? Oh, Stu, I can't believe it!"
Stu: "Think of it as an investment, Deed!"
Lou: (heard offscreen) "GAAAAH!!!!"

[A loud thump can be heard, and Stu and Didi stare at each other in concern. Lou walks in, carrying a piece of tissue paper with Terry's now-dead body inside.]

Lou: "Boy, there was a huge spider in my bed. Got him, though." [Lou puts the tissue paper with Terry's dead body into the trash can.] "So, what's for dinner?"

[That night, a view outside Tommy's house is shown as Stu parks his car in the driveway. He opens the door, and walks in, carrying a small cage. Tommy, who is in the playpen with Chuckie, sees Stu and points at him.]

Tommy: "Look, Chuckie! It's Spike! My daddy brought him back! I knew he would!"
Chuckie: "I don't know, Tommy. That box looks awful small for Spike."
Stu: "Tommy, have I got a suprise for you!" [Tommy looks slyly at Chuckie, thinking he was right. Didi walks up to Stu.] "Ta-da! Kids, meet Tanya and Rupert!"

[Stu opens the cage, revealing Tanya and Rupert to be gerbils. Tommy stares in question at them.]

Didi: "Gerbils?"
Stu:" Wait till' you see their specially designed habitat!" [A view of Tanya and Rupert's habitat is shown. As the camera moves past it, it reveals a pool with a diving board, a couch, two chairs and a television near the water bottle, and a weightlifting bench near the wheel.] "See, this is the primary living chamber, and this is the exercise area," [A view of a rainforest-like setting is shown in Tanya and Rupert's habitat.] "And this is the social interaction space!"
Didi: "Oh, it's wonderful, Stu! But are you sure the gerbils will be smart enough to figure out how to turn on that cute little jacuzzi?"

[Stu walks away, and Didi follows him. Tommy and Chuckie look down at Tanya and Rupert, who are now in the living room-like setting of their habitat.]

Chuckie: "What are they, Tommy?"
Tommy: "I don't know. I wonder if we can teach them to come!" [Tommy opens the door of Tanya and Rupert's habitat.]  "Come here, old gerdil, old guy!" [Tanya and Rupert run away in fear.] "Hey, where are you going?"
Chuckie: "Boy, we're not having good luck with all these aminals, are we?"

[In the next scene, Didi is in her maid outfit, staring angrily as she vacuums up the living room. Stu walks up to her.]

Stu: "Hey, didn't you just vacuum yesterday?"
Didi: "Those gerbils have been gone for two weeks, but I'm still finding their little presents around!"

[Tommy and Chuckie are now shown sitting in the playpen.]

Tommy and Chuckie: "Presents?"

[In the next scene, a close-up of gerbil feces is shown. Tommy looks down at it, realizing it wasn't the present he thought it was.]

Tommy: "Hey, this isn't a present! It's gerdil poop!"

[The sound of squeaking can be heard from behind the basement door. Tommy and Chuckie turn their attention to it.]

Chuckie: "What was that?"
Tommy: "Maybe that's where the presents are."

[Tommy opens the door, and he and Chuckie walk down the stairs. Chuckie gasps in amazement.]

Chuckie: "Look, Tommy, the floor's movin'!

[Chuckie points down to the floor of the basement, revealing that Tanya and Rupert have reproduced, and their many children are all over the floor, the bench, and boxes. Stu walks in.]

Stu: "Tommy, Chuckie, are you down here?"

[Stu turns on the light, and Tommy and Chuckie walk up the stairs.]

Stu: "Oh, thank... what?! Didi! Come quick! The gerbils have reproduced!"

[A view of Tanya and Rupert's many children are shown. The screen transitions to an overhead view of Tommy's neighborhood that night, and the camera zooms in on Tommy's house.]

Tommy: "Chuckie, where do you suppose Spike is right now?"

[Tommy and Chuckie are revealed to be dressed in their pajamas, and in Tommy's crib.

Chuckie: "I don't know, Tommy. I don't think anybody does."
Tommy: "Do you think he's happy wherever he is?"
Chuckie: "I hope so."
Tommy: "Yeah, me too. I like to think he's someplace nice. Someplace warm."
Chuckie: "Maybe he's on Jupiter."
Tommy: "Jupiter?"
Chuckie: "Sure, Tommy. Dogs love it on Jupiter!"
Tommy: "They do?"
Chuckie: "Uh-huh. It's a great place!"
[Tommy lays back down.]
Tommy: "Yeah. Maybe Spike's on Jupiter.

[Tommy's dream sequence begins. In his dream, Spike is on jupiter, which looks like a dog's paradise. There is a bone-shaped bridge, giant hydrants, giant boots, and the streets are decorated with old boots. Spike runs up to a hydrant and sniffs it, and it growls at him. Tommy's dream sequence ends, and the screen transitions to an overhead view of Tommy's house. Inside the house, Didi sighs unhappily, and in the next scene, She and Stu are seated on the couch.]

Didi: "Our pet experiments haven't worked out very well, have they, Stu?"
Stu: "I guess old Spike was just one in a million. Gee, I wonder where he is now. Poor little fella. Probably cold and hungry, scrounging through the garbage somewhere, just trying to survive!"

[Stu's fantasy sequence begins. A view of a dark alley is shown, with the word, REPTAR grafitti'd onto the wall. A black cat screeches as the camera moves past it, then past grafitti of the word, ERY and a heart with an arrow through it. Rats squeak as they scurry, and the camera moves over to Spike, who howls miserably. Stu's fantasy sequence ends.]

Stu: "I just wish there was something I could do!"
Didi: "Oh!"

[The doorbell rings.]

Didi: "Who on Earth could that be?"

[Stu walks up to the front door and opens it. Winston St. George, a wealthy man with a monocole, is on the other side.]

Winston St. George: "Mr. Pickles?"
Stu: "That's me."
Winston: "My name is Winston St. George."

[As Winston talks to Stu, he removes his monocole and wipes it with a piece of cloth.]

Winston: "Two weeks ago, I was walking down the street when I spied a rare Siberian Tiger Hound worth thousands. I was tempted to keep him to breed, but then I saw your ad."

[Spike jumps into Stu's arms and pants happily.]

Stu: "Ugh! Spike!"
Winston: "Spike, eh? Well, I've been calling him Nightscroft's Squire Muldoon."

[Didi walks up to Stu. Winston holds up a jar of caviar and opens it as he talks to Stu.]

Winston: "Well, anyway, with your permission, Sir, Squire Muldoon, would you care for one last farewell helping of caviar?"

[As Stu talks to Winston, Spike eats from the jar of caviar.]

Stu: "Sir, I can't begin to thank you. Deed, we gotta wake Tommy up!"
Didi: "Oh, it's late, Stu. I think that can wait until tomorrow."

[Spike jumps out of Stu's arms and runs away, much to Stu, Didi, and Winston's bewilderment. He then runs into Tommy's bedroom, where Tommy and Chuckie are now asleep in Tommy's crib. Spike jumps into the crib, and Tommy wakes up, happy to see Spike again.]

Tommy: "Spike!"

[Tommy giggles as Spike licks his face. The screen fades to black, ending the episode.]

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