Spike's Nightscare Gallery Transcript
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Season 7 Episode 3b
Spike's Nightscare Title Card.png
Spike's Nightscare
Original Airdate January 26, 2001
VHS release Christmas
DVD release Season 7
Holiday Celebration
Complete Series
Previous Episode Sister Act
Next Episode Cuddle Bunny

"Spike's Nightscare" is a Season 7 episode of Rugrats.


Spike is having a nightmare where he is being chased by a turkey. Can the Rugrats find something to help Spike turn his bad dream into a good one? - Description from Klasky Csupo

Characters Present



Angelica: New law number elevendy: You will call me Queen Angelica, or your Royal Highestness, or Angelica the Great!


The gallery for this episode can be found here

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