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Snow White Gallery Transcript
Season 10 Episode 1
Snow White Title Card
Snow White
Original Airdate September 9, 2005
VHS release Rugrats: Tales From The Crib - Snow White
DVD release Tales From The Crib - Snow White
Previous Episode N/A
Next Episode Three Jacks and a Beanstalk

"Snow White" is an episode that is part of Rugrats: Tales From The Crib.

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The Evil Queen (Angelica) lives for one thing alone - to be the fairest in the land! When her Magic Mirror reveals that it's exuberant Snow White (Susie) that is the fairest and not her, the Queen, driven to rid herself of the competition, sends Snow White to the woods as the permanent babysitter for seven dwarf babies (the Rugrats) thinking that it will drive her mad. Instead - Snow White's sweet demeanor wins their affection and they come to love her dearly. Rather than marry a prince, Snow White wants to prove that friendship is more important than objects, and beauty. 


  • Even though this episode/movie isn't canon, this is the eleventh time we see Tommy wearing shoes in the series as a baby.
  • In the scene where The Magic Mirror brushing The Evil Queen (Angelica)'s hair, when Angelica says "Ow!" the audio is taken from The Rugrats Movie.

Moral: Friendship is more important than objects and beauty 

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