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Name Smedley
Gender Male
Species Human
Occupation None
Interests Boasting
Relatives Winifred (mother)

Shegret (father)
Hedley (twin sister)
Unnamed maternal grandmother
Unnamed great-great-great aunt
Betty DeVille (distant cousin)
Howard DeVille (distant cousin-in-law)
Phil DeVille (distant cousin)

Lil DeVille (distant cousin)
Friends Hedley
Enemies Phil, Lil (formerly)
First Appearance The Perfect Twins

Smedley is the one and a half year old son of Winifred and Shegret, the twin brother of Hedley and a distant cousin of Phil and Lil (Smedley's maternal grandmother's great aunt was Betty's great uncle's second cousin). He lives in England with his family.


Despite being only babies, Smedley and Hedley have a strict education and were taught to be polite, saluting people in the same way adults do, stay clean at all times and be nice to each other but despite being strict with them she still loves her children very much and Winifred could refer to them as the "Perfect Twins".

Upon arriving to the Deville residence, both twins are put off by their cousins Phil and Lil's antics such as getting dirty or not playing together while Smedley and Hedley behaved well and played together at all times. When Lil decided she wanted her and Phil to be Perfect Twins while her brother didn't led to them distancing themselves from each other, going so far as to say they didn't want to be each other's twin, Hedley offered Lil to be hers and Smedley's "twin" until they left, which she accepted.


Smedley has pale-peach skin and a pair of white eyes with black pupils. He has brown hair and is often shown wearing a lime-green coat and a pair of dark-green pants along with red shoes.



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