Slumber Party Gallery Transcript

(The episode opens up with a close up of a small little figure twirling around. The camera pans back from the image, revealing that it's one of the figures on Tommy's mobile and Tommy is in his crib, playing with the toy while humming and cooing happily. At this moment, the doorbell rings and Didi walks by, standing in the doorway of Tommy's bedroom.)

Didi: That's probably Drew and Angelica here for your slumber party.

Tommy: (curiously and quietly to himself, peaking through the bars of the crib) Slumber party.

(Outside, Drew and Angelica are standing on the front porch, waiting to be let inside.)

Angelica: I still don't see why I have to sleep in the dumb old baby's room.

Drew: Cupcake, it's gonna be your first slumber party!

(The door opens, Stu and Didi are on the other side of the door.)

Stu: Bro! How you doing sweetie?

Drew: Muffin?

Angelica: Thank you so much for letting me and daddy spend the weekend with you.

Didi: Of course, sweettums.

(Didi reaches in to give Angelica a hug.)

Stu: I'm just gonna say it Drew, she's the most beautiful little girl I've ever seen.

Drew: No question about it little brother.

Didi: Why don't you three have a seat in the living room and I'll go get Tommy.

Drew: Come on Muffin.

(Angelica kicks her leg in protest as she walks into the house.)

(Later, Angelica and Tommy are sitting on the floor of the living room. Tommy is sucking on a bottle while the adults sit on the couch, talking.)

Stu: So how's the wife?

Drew: Well you know Charlotte, work work work.

Angelica: Now listen here! I've got better things to do than sleep in a bottle sucking baby's room, but since I've gotta, I get first gives on beds.

(Cut back to the adults talking.)

Drew: Recycling toilet tissue.

Didi: Gosh!

Stu: Recycling toilet tissue? Tough idea to sell I imagine.

Drew: Mmmm hmmm.

Angelica: Why don't you grow up, and quit sucking that dumb bottle. only babies suck on bottles.

(Tommy continues to drink his bottle, ignoring Angelica. Just then, Didi gets up and walks up behind Tommy.)

Didi: Oh look it's time for the kids nap! Is Angelica ready for sleepy-by?

(Angelica gives an evil smile up towards Didi. Tommy stops drinking his bottle for a brief moment.)

Tommy: Huh?

(Cut to Tommy's bedroom where Tommy is in his crib, and Didi is getting a small cot for a bed situated for Angelica. Angelica is now lying down in the cot bed, and Didi is tucking her in.)

Didi: There, you see? You have your very own bed.

Angelica: Thank you aunt Didi, it's so nice and comfy!

(Didi goes over to the crib to check on Tommy before leaving the room.)

Didi: And how are you sleepy head? Ready for nappy by?

(Angelica taps a finger on one of the bars of Tommy's crib, as  Didi leaves the room, closing the door behind her. Once she's gone, Angelica clears her throat loudly.)

Tommy: Angelica?

Angelica: (punching her pillow) What dribble face.

Tommy: What's a slumber party?

Angelica: That's a really dumb question that only a baby bottle sucker would ask. [sniffing away] It's smells like a baby's room in here. I'm going to open this window.

(She gets out of bed and opens the window, at which time, cold air blows into the room. Tommy stands up in bed and looks towards the window.)

Angelica: That's better.

Tommy: Aaahhh, too cold.

Angelica: (teasingly) Awe, mommy's little baby too cold?

Tommy: So come on, tell me, what's a slumber party?

Angelica: If you have to ask, you'll never know.

(Angelica curls up back in her cot, pulls the covers over her head and falls asleep. Tommy curls back up beneath his blanket and goes to sleep too. As they nap, the window remains open as the mobile twirls around on Tommy's crib. After some time passes, Angelica yawns and wakes up. Noticing the window is still open, so as to not get caught by the adults, she rushes over and closes it. At first, she thinks she's home free, but her expression quickly changes to a frown as she looks into Tommy's crib, where he's hurtled beneath his blanket, shivering.)

(Cut to the kitchen where the kids are eating dinner. Tommy is in his high chair, baby food spinach dripping out of his mouth, sneezing, and getting ill. Didi is attempting to feed Tommy while Angelica is over at the kitchen table, feeding herself.)

Didi: Tommy, are you ok hun?

Angelica: I can feed myself!

Didi: Yes, you're a big girl. Tommy? Are you still sleeping?

Angelica: Babies need a lot of sleep.

(Tommy is moaning, his eyes half drooped shut, not eating a single bite of his dinner.)

Didi: (concerned) I think I'd better go put you right to bed, you don't seem to be feeling well sweetheart.

Angelica: Sometimes I stay up till nine o'clock!

Didi: That's nice dear. You finish your dinner while I put Tommy to bed.

(Didi leaves the kitchen with Tommy.)

Angelica: (She dumped the burger, mashed potatoes and peas from the plate on to the floor beneath the table.) Oops, and it were so yummy, too.

(Spike sniffs the spilled food on the floor and starts eating it.)

(We cut to Tommy's bedroom where Didi is putting him to bed.)

Didi: Here's your teddy bear and your bottle. My little woopy okay? I don't want that! Aga booga booga wah. Well, Nighty-night. I guess you'll get an early start on your little slumber party. [

(Didi turns out the light and leaves the room, closing the door behind her. Tommy sucks his bottle while listening to the music box on his mobile, and it goes fast. His crib grows huge, as his hallucination starts. The clown lamp dances and laughs. Tommy gasps as his teddy bear grows big and the window monster goes roar. Tommy then removes the bottle from his mouth, at which point, Angelica, who now looks like the figure of Cupid on his mobile, pops out of the nipple.)

Angelica: Baby?

(Tommy gasps.)

Angelica: (Teasingly) Awe, mommy's little baby too cold?

(Tommy tosses the bottle away and hides under his covers, pulling them over his head, shivering.)

Didi: Tommy? Are you all right?

(Tommy removes the covers from his head to look up at Didi, who now appears as the moon on his moble. He gasps at such a sight.)

Didi: Oh my!

(Creepy music plays for a minute until it dies down as the hallucination pauses for a moment, transforming the moon appearance of Didi back into her normal self, as she's seen carrying a frail looking Tommy in her arms, his eyes half open, as she feels his forehead.)

Didi: Oh my, you have a terrible fever honey!

Stu: What's wrong with Tommy?

(Just then, Stu enters the room, at which point we pan back to Tommy's view of his family. As Stu enters, his normal human figure transforms into the cloud figure on Tommy's mobile and starts floating around the room. The room then transforms into outer space, with Tommy on top of the half moon, as he's still in his mother's arms at this point.)

(Tommy moans.)

Didi: He's got a terrible fever honey, he's, burning up! I wonder how he came down with it so fast?

Angelica: It wasn't me.

Stu: I'll go call Dr. Schachter.

Didi: Poor little thing!

Angelica: Maybe Phil and Lil gave it to him, I know I didn't, did I?

(Grandpa Lou is now in the room, he appears to Tommy as the airplane on his mobile.)

Lou: Awe you guys call that doc every time the little fellow's got a hiccup. Now in my day...

Drew: (Appearing as the star on Tommy's mobile) Pop, why don't you get the thermometer.

Lou: Thermometer? Why the boy's just got a chill! All you've gotta do is turn him upside down...

Drew: (cutting him off) Never mind I'll get it.

Lou: Now just get some apple sauce and an old sock big enough for his head.

Stu: (annoyed) Pop.

Didi: Let him finish.

Lou: I was just saying, you turn him upside down and then feed him the apple sauce.

Stu: I remember that one, it was apple sauce everywhere.

Didi: Maybe we should try it.

Stu: We're not doing the apple sauce! It didn't work then it doesn't work now. Anyway the doctor said not to worry to just give him his baby drops and call in the morning.

Angelica: Maybe Chuckie came over and opened his window.

Drew: (now with the thermometer) Found it.

Lou: You kids just didn't have the stomach for the apple sauce cure.

Drew: Not the apple sauce cure.

Lou: Why we had to walk...

Drew: (bored) How many miles pop?

Lou: Fifteen miles to school for your information in the snow, with no shoes!

Stu: Come on Champ here we go.

(Stu is now holding Tommy, making Tommy appear on the cloud in his hallucination as he takes his temperature. As soon as his temperature is taken, we cut back to a shot of everybody as humans, Didi is now looking through one of her Lipchitz books.)

Didi: It says here in Lipschitz to put a radio under his or her pillow.

Stu: Our radio's bigger than his pillow.

Angelica: I don't see what the big fuss is all about, he's just faking it.

Didi: Or it says we could sing him or her a lullaby! Do we know any?

Stu: We could make one up.

Didi: You think?

(We go back to the hallucination, Tommy is now in Stu's arms, making him appear in the cloud, as Stu rocks him back and force, and Didi appearing as the moon is right next to him.)

(Stu and Didi sing a lullaby; not knowing one off-hand, they think one up spontaneously:)

Stu: It's your bedtime, champ.

Didi: Umm... Let's turn out the lamp.

Stu: You'll feel better tomorrow.

Didi: But this song you can borrow.

Stu (whispering, to Didi): Nice, Didi.

Didi (whispering, to Stu): Thanks.

Stu (back to Tommy): If your cheeks are so red,

Didi: and there's heat in your head,

Stu: then we'll call up the doctor.

Didi: His name's Herman Schachter.

Stu: 'Cause you're our little boy.

Didi: You're our pride and joy.

Stu: And we think you're the best.

Didi: So goodnight; get some rest.

(Tommy moans something awful.)

Angelica: Uh oh, maybe he isn't faking it.

(Tommy throws up and puts vomit on Angelica's PJ's, now it's Angelica who screams.)

Drew: Wait up, muffin, you're dripping everywhere!

Lou: That's my boy.

(In the hallucination, Drew as the star flies off into the sky, chasing after the dripping of vomit cupid figure of Angelica, who's now crying. Tommy relaxes on the Stu cloud, as his moaning relaxes and he closes his eyes and drifts off to sleep.)

(Tommy opens his eyes to find it's morning. Now back in his crib, he lets out a huge yawn and sits up, looking around the room, to see that everybody slept in the room overnight. Drew and Angelica are sleeping together in her cot bed, Stu and Didi are leaning on one another off to the side on a couch, and grandpa has fallen asleep in the rocking chair.)

(Tommy smiles and coos slightly as Didi awakens and comes over to Tommy's crib, where she feels his forehead. At that moment, everybody else in the room wakes up too.)

Didi: Oh Pumpkin, you seem much better this morning.

Stu: Hey, how's my champ?

Lou: Well looky here, he's got my stamina that's for sure.

Drew: That was quite some chill you had you poor thing.

Angelica: (sitting up in bed] Hey, who's gonna buy me a new dress?

Lou: You know what? I'm gonna make breakfast. Pancakes and apple sauce. I've got the strangest hankerage for some apple sauce.

(Lou leaves the room with Drew following behind him. Stu and Didi also turn to leave the room.)

Stu: Well after a night like last night I think we could all use a little bit of grandpa's apple sauce.

(All of the adults leave the room, leaving Tommy and Angelica by themselves. We can hear Lou babbling in the distance, as it fades away.)

Angelica: Tommy?

Tommy: Yeah?

Angelica: I've never seen anybody barf like that, wow!

Tommy: Hmmm.

(Angelica comes around to the side of Tommy's crib.)

Tommy: Angelica?

Angelica: Yeah?

Tommy: Are slumber parties always like that?

Angelica: It's like I told you before. (Pulling the side down on Tommy's crib.) If you have to ask, you'll never know.

(Angelica turns to leave the room.)

Tommy: Hey wait!

(Tommy jumps down from his crib on to the floor and follows Angelica out into the hall to head down to breakfast.)

End of Episode

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