Also Known As Agent Simms
Gender Female
Occupation Burglar
Interests Robbing Banks
Friends Richter (accomplice)
Enemies Police
Voice Actor Tress MacNeille
First Appearance The Bank Trick
Last Appearance The Bank Trick
Get too friendly, you can forget about your job... we've seen it before.
— Simms to Mr. Loew after being introduced to the bank tellers.

Simms is a notorious bank robber who appears in the Rugrats episode, "The Bank Trick," along with her accomplice, Richter. Her and Richter posed as "federal bank examiner" agents supposedly from the "Federal Bureau of Examinations" (FBE) as they tried to rob the 27th National Bank. Simms and her partner were described as "notorious bank robbers" by the police and have been evading criminal prosecution for years.


Simms is seen wearing a navy blue dress with a blazer. Inside the blazer is a white collared shirt with a yellow tie. She also wears black shoes and has shades on. Simms' physical descriptions consist of being light skin with having short auburn hair.


Simms is very obedient as she is seen obeying Richter's demands of writing down important notes of the 27th National Bank's security defenses, as provided by Mr. Loew in a tour. She is also very manipulative as she doubted Mr. Loew's assurances that the bank was secured and not prone to being robbed. By doing this, her and Richter were able to swindle Mr. Loew out of the bank's money before being apprehended by the police.


  • Her and Richter are notorious bank robbers.
  • Despite being a female, Mr. Loew addresses her as 'mister' and when referring to the duo, he always says 'gentlemen'. It's likely Simms was disguised as a man as part of her "bank examiner" charade and Mr. Loew fell for it.
  • She, along with Richter, are never seen or heard from again.
  • It is unknown how much money Richter and Simms have stolen over their lifetime of bank heists.
  • She takes frequent notes for Richter during their bank tour.
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