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Sean Butler
Sean Butler
Also Known AsSean Butler
Birth Date1988
OccupationSchool student
RelativesNone known
FriendsJustin Rogers
Dil Pickles
Tommy Pickles (sometimes)
Angelica Pickles (sometimes)
EnemiesTommy Pickles (sometimes)
Chuckie Finster
Phil DeVille
Lil DeVille
Kimi Finster
Voice ActorPamela Adlon
First AppearanceThe Old and the Restless (All Grown Up) (Season 1) (2004)
Last AppearanceSuper Hero Worship (All Grown Up) (Season 5) (2007) (Cameo)

Sean Butler is a character from All Grown Up!.

One of the most popular boys in school. Angelica has a crush on him. He is often seen hanging with Savannah. Although, he's also considered a friend by Dil, he also had a brief spell as Tommy's friend. He is voiced by Pamela Fiona Segall Adlon.


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