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Scar Snout
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Name Scar Snout
Gender Male
Species Wolf
Occupation Predator
Interests Hunting, stalking and killing prey
Relatives None known
Friends None known
Enemies Spike, Tommy, Chuckie, Phil, Lil, Angelica, Dil, Monkeys
Only Appearance The Rugrats Movie

Scar Snout is the main antagonist of The Rugrats Movie. He is a huge ferocious wolf who lives in the forest located somewhere near the Pickles' residence and enjoys hunting his prey for sport. He is the archenemy of Spike while he is also feared by a gang of circus monkeys along with the Rugrats.


Despite being the main antagonist, Scar Snout first appears eyeing the Rugrats in the distance after they first crash in the forest when they failed to return Tommy Pickles' spoiled baby brother Dil to the hospital in a Reptar wagon. When Tommy trips over a large footprint, Phil notices that it is from a wolf which was possibly Scar Snout, to which Tommy disagrees, saying that they would hear a howl. As Tommy mimics one, a real howl is heard which suggests it was from Scar Snout, causing the babies to panic, jump into the Reptar Wagon and ride off. Later, the wolf approaches Angelica and the family dog Spike trespassing his territory after Angelica breaks one of her roller skates. Angelica, not noticing Scar Snout sneaking up behind her, unknowingly takes off and throws her broken roller skate which hits the wolf on the head, enraging Scar Snout. However, Spike discovers Scar Snout behind Angelica as he is about to kill her and promptly drags her out of the way just as the wolf bites down, narrowly avoiding Angelica. Scar Snout then growls in fury as he watches the two escape.

In the movie's climax, Tommy and his friends are cornered by a group of circus monkeys on a bridge until Scar Snout appears and scares the monkeys off before confronting the Rugrats as he attempts to kill the babies. However, Spike intervenes and saves the babies by pinning the wolf to the ground. The two of them viciously fight each other, whereupon Scar Snout rips off Spike's collar and hits him off the edge of the bridge before moving in for the kill, attempting to finish Spike off. However, Angelica distracts the wolf by blowing a raspberry, allowing Scar Snout to turn his attention on her. Before the wolf can kill Angelica, Spike recovers and bites his tail before dragging Scar Snout toward a small hole in the bridge. Scar Snout eventually loses his grip, causing both him and Spike to plummet off the bridge and over a waterfall. Although Spike manages to survive the fall by landing at the bottom of the bridge, Scar Snout's fate is left unknown, assuming he had also survived or was carried away by rapids to his watery grave.


Scar Snout is a dangerous, scary, and terrifying huge wolf who is said to be feared by all wildlife as he is well known for hunting his prey throughout the forest while he also tries to kill and eat whatever he wants. Unlike many wolves, Scar Snout is not actual a normal animal because he is simply huge and has a long V-shaped snout full of teeth. Notably, Scar Snout is the only sentient predator in a Rugrats film to be killed and only communicates with snarls, roars, growls and howls. Despite being the main antagonist in the film, his role is small. While being a stealthy predator, Scar Snout is shown to be overhunting and serves as an extremely powerful fighter as well as never backing down.


Scar Snout is a huge wolf with greyish-black fur, fiery red eyes, long V-shaped snout full of teeth, and sharp claws.


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