Scar Snout
Scar Snout
Name Scar Snout
Gender Male
Species Wolf
Occupation Savage killer
Interests Eating and killing
Relatives None known
Friends None known
Enemies Spike, Tommy, Chuckie, Phil, Lil, Angelica, Dil, Monkeys
Only Appearance The Rugrats Movie
Scar Snout is a bad tempered, savage wolf and is the main antagonist of The Rugrats Movie. He lives in the forest located somewhat near the Pickles' residence. The creature is feared by a gang of circus monkeys, Tommy, Chuckie, Phil, Lil, Angelica, and Dil.

Scar Snout the wolf makes his first real appearence as he lays his eyes on the rugrats from the distance, and later approaches Angelica and Spike lost in the woods. Angelica oblivous to him, unknowingly throws her roller scate at Scar Snout's head. Spike notices the vicious wolf and promptly drags the unsuspecting Angelica out of the wolf's clutches. Scar Snout growls as he watches them escape. 

Later, he takes a drink from the river.  In the movie's climax, he lays his attack on Tommy Pickles and his friends on a bridge, but Spike the Dog came and pinned him to the ground. The fight was vicious as Scar Snout swatted Spike to the edge of the bridge and tries to finish him off. Angelica blows a raspberry to distract the wolf from killing Spike. Scar Snout then turns his attention to Angelica and turns to kill her, but Spike bites his tail and drags him down a small hole in the bridge. Scar Snout eventually loses his grip as he and Spike plummet off the bridge and over a waterfall. While Spike manged to survive by landing at the bottom of the bridge, Scar Snout most likely drowns and/or is carried away by the rapids.


Scar Snout is a minor character in the Rugrats television series and has only appeared in the series' first film. Though he is a minor character in the series, he plays as a main antagonist in The Rugrats Movie, meaning he has a large role, though this role is slightly smaller than that of the main characters.


Scar Snout has gray-black fur and a pair of red eyes with black pupils. He has four legs with paws on each. Each paw has sharp claws. The wolf has many teeth and two ears.


Scar Snout hasn't appeared in any episodes of the Rugrats television series, but did appear in the series' first movie, The Rugrats Movie.


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