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Saving Cynthia Gallery Transcript
Season 2 Episode 6
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Saving Cynthia
Original Airdate October 2, 2004
DVD release All Grown Up... And Loving It!
Previous Episode Runaround Susie
Next Episode The Science Pair

"Saving Cynthia" is a Season 2 episode of All Grown Up!.

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Angelica's mom, Charlotte, redesigned Angelica's bedroom for her daughter's birthday present, and Angelica's showing it off to Susie and Savannah. Angelica had told her mom to get rid of everything that was "pre-13," and Charlotte did, including Angelica's old Cynthia doll (which Charlotte claimed was "pre-5"). Angelica's upset when she realizes that her mom gave Cynthia away, and even though Angelica claims to be "all grown up," she realizes that she still wants Cynthia in her life. With Susie and Harold's help, they make various attempts to get Angelica's old Cynthia doll back, which in the end, they do. Angelica also realizes that while she can always tell Cynthia everything, like she did when she was little, she has other friends she can talk to about stuff, like Susie (which Susie is shown to be happy with).

Meanwhile, Tommy and Chuckie are punished by Vice Principal Pangborn after an incident during their study hall, but they end up accidentally destroying his PDA. Tommy and Chuckie's parents want to spend more time with them, but they overhear the boys talking about what they did with Principal Pangborn's PDA, but not hearing the full story and realizing the full context of what they're talking about, so they end up assuming the worst. Tommy and Chuckie eventually confess the truth of what happened to the PDA to Pangborn, which the parents walk in on (discovering the truth of what the boys were talking about).

At the very end of the episode, Cynthia winks at the camera.


  • Angelica: You don't know her, old friend.

Harold: Who you keep stuffed in a chest? Gee, I'm luckier than I thought.

  • Angelica: Okay, so it's not like I haven't noticed how maybe sometimes, every now and then, I may get on people's nerves, but never Cynthia's.

Harold: But Cynthia's a doll, so technically, she doesn't have nerves.

  • Charlotte: (To Angelica) Well, you said get rid of everything pre-thirteen, remember? And your Cynthia doll was pre-five.

Angelica: Yeah, well, when I said "everything", I didn't mean, you know, EVERYTHING!

  • Tommy: (About Pangborn's organizer) Been a little lost without it?

Pangborn: Lost?! This morning my mechanic said it'd be $567 for an oil change. And I said okay!

  • Susie: Sometimes it's hard to let go of something old when you don't have anything new to hang on to...


  • This episode shows that Angelica still has Cynthia after at least ten years (since Angelica has had Cynthia since she was at least three). Also, according to Charlotte, Angelica apparently stopped playing with Cynthia when she was around five.
    • It also shows that while the Cynthia dolls are still popular, the original ones (like Angelica's) are "practically extinct," and thus are very valuable.
      • Even Angelica's old Cynthia doll wasn't in mint condition, it was still very valuable.
  • This episode reveals that Kimi takes a hip-hop dance class, and Kira had to drive her to the lesson, which was why they weren't at family hour.
  • Phil and Lil don't appear in this episode, but their mom mentions them when talking to Didi and Chas at the Java Lava Coffee House.
  • For nearly 17 years before the revival, this is the last appearance of Cynthia.
  • Ending Tagline: "What's all the fuss? I can wear a truss." Chas
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