Birth Date1989
OccupationPaper delivery boy
School student
InterestsLil DeVille (Possible love interest)
RelativesUnknown Parents
FriendsLil DeVille
Kimi Finster
EnemiesPhil DeVille
Voice ActorKimberly Brooks
First Appearance"R.V. Having Fun Yet?" (2005)
Last Appearance"Separate But Equal" (2007)


Sammy is dark purple-haired kid who appears in the "All Grown Up!" episode "R.V. Having Fun Yet?" and "Separate But Equal". He is seen riding his bike when he came across Kimi and Lil laughing. He then flirts with Lil by saying hi and with Lil replying "Hi Sammy, nice... bike". He was then chased away by Phil shouting, "Stay away from my sister!" which angered Lil. In "R.V. Having Fun Yet?", Sammy is shown riding his bike and tossing the newspaper at Dil.


In "Separate But Equal", Sammy is lanky purple-haired kid who rides around the neighborhood on his red bike. He wears a green visor sideways on his head with an orange basketball jersey with the number zero and blue jeans.

Sammy has the same design in "R.V. Having Fun Yet?", but his purple hair is much darker.


  • He may have a crush on Lil DeVille.
  • Since Lil and Sammy greeted each other, it's assumed that these two must be friends and may have talked with each other before.
  • Sammy delivers the papers early in the morning as seen in "R.V. Having Fun Yet?".
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