Opposites Attract 22
Also Known AsSam
Birth DateUnknown
InterestsExploring,play with danger and discovering new things.
FriendsTommy Pickles
Voice ActorNoelle North
First AppearanceOpposites Attract (Rugrats) (Season 6) (1999)

Samantha friends with Tommy in the episode Opposites Attract. When she first introduced herself to Tommy, she said her real name's Samantha, but that everyone calls her "Sam" for short. Sam's very adventurous and much less sensible than Tommy is. Unfortunately, this makes her rather careless and not very tactful, and can make a situation worse than it already is. She is also a bit of a rule breaker and got many booboos as a result of breaking the rules. Although Sam means well she is a bit of a daredevil. She also likes mud, swings and rocks. The booboo on her right shoulder was from falling in the dark, the one on her left arm comes from pulling on the lampshade (which was against the rules), and the one on her chin was from climbing on the table (also against the rules).

She has red hair in a ponytail, a blue coat, fair skin, brown eyes, blue shoes, yellow socks a yellow hair bow, pink pleated skirt and when we met her she had six plasters. One one each knee, one on each elbow, one on her chin and one on her right shoulder. She made friends with Tommy and Freddie but Chuckie and the twins didn't want anything to do with her. She is voiced by Noelle North


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