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Name: Sal Fusco
Nickname: Home Office King
Voiced By: Michael Bell


Sal Fusco is an office equipment repairman, who promises great prices and deals for repairs. Because of his ad, Charlotte decides to call him to look at her fax machine. However, she quickly and angrily regrets this decision when he charges her a high price for just looking at her fax machine. He unwittingly takes on Angelica as a passenger when she thinks Sal is a real king, and her real father. However, he soon hears her screams for help and takes her home, much to Charlotte's joy. He doesn't seem bothered by it, saying he's picked up a few things from kids including their places for hiding. He then tells Charlotte that her fax machine was alright, it just needed a new roll of paper. Although Charlotte is relieved to know this, he quickly then adds "That'll be $100, please". This quickly shocks and most likely angers her.


  • His name might be a reference to Paul Fusco (executive producer of ALF series).