Rugrats in Paris: The Movie
Developer(s) Avalanche Software (PS1 & N64), Software Creations (GBC), KnowWonder (PC)
Publisher THQ
Series Rugrats
Platform(s) Nintendo 64, Game Boy Color, Microsoft Windows, Dreamcast (cancelled), PlayStation
Released October 29th 2000 (PS1), November 12, 2000 (N64), November 15, 2000 (GBC), January 1, 2001 (PC)
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Rugrats In Paris: The Movie is the third video games based on the show Rugrats. This game is based on the Rugrats movie of the same title and was released for the first time on October 29, 2000 for Playstation 1, then a month later for both the Nintendo 64 and Game Boy Color. Then eventually the PC version had also been released with minor re-tooling.

Rugrats In Paris: The Movie is a single player, adventure, platform game and is rated E for Everyone.


'When Stu gets the call to come repair the Reptar robot at EuroReptarland, an impromptu trip to Paris becomes the setting for Chuckie's search for a new mommy. Based on the feature film of the same name, Rugrats in Paris: The Movie features the characters from the TV show, including Tommy, Phil, Angelica, Kimi, and more. Your job is to explore 16 levels and try to make Chuckie's wish come true. Be on the lookout for several bonus levels along the way and minigames, such as Chuckie Chan Dojo and Reptar vs. Robosnail.'

Players must collect red tickets around the theme park Island and earn gold tickets in games; the player must earn enough golden tickets through the island to purchase the Reptar control helmet in the prize hut and defeat Robosnail with the giant Reptar robot at the storage.

In the PC version the game's plot is much more apparent and has removed the golden ticket collecting.





  • A Sega Dreamcast version was originally planned, but had been cancelled.
    • This would've been the first and only Rugrats video game for the Dreamcast as a result; it would've also been the first Nicktoons-related game for the Dreamcast.
  • A monorail is seen and used in the game, but never in the movie.

Video Promo TV Spot

Rugrats In Paris Games Ad (2000)

Rugrats In Paris Games Ad (2000)


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