Rugrats in Paris The Movie PC CD-ROM Game
Rugrats in Paris: The Movie (PC) is an Rugrats franchise based in the film "Rugrats in Paris: The Movie" PC to be released in 2000 by THQ.


Those rascally Rugrats are back again, bringing the usual chaos and dirty-diaper jokes along for the ride. Not surprisingly, Rugrats in Paris is more about the Rugrats than about Paris; its five games starring the adventurous ankle biters all lead to the return of poor Chuckie's beloved Wawa. Each game needs to be discovered on the main board before it can be played, and hunting them down can be pretty time-consuming. During your search, you'll find plenty of goofy animations to click on; each one is highlighted when the cursor changes into a bright-red exclamation point.


You can find Rugrats in Paris: The Movie PC Gallery here.


Rugrats in Paris (PC) - Walkthrough

Rugrats in Paris (PC) - Walkthrough

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