The Rugrats Wiki: Style Manual is the guide for the style of all articles and content on the Rugrats Wiki. It is for new and existing users and it is to aid them in how every articles formatting and layout should look. 

Everything in this article is to be in effect on March 1st, 2016 and should be followed. Should something else be added? Contact me, Babysmurfrocks , for any additions or questions.


All forms of images are excepted as long as they are appropriate for the wiki. If the images you upload are for episodes, please avoid having things like black boarders, mouse cursors, or bad quality images (such as if it were taken with a phone camera) as it makes the page look sloppy. Also for file names, the name of the file should relate to what it belongs to. For example if I had an image for the episode Pedal Pusher then I would put as the filename Pedal Pusher 1.png, Pedal Pusher 2.png, and so on.

It would be best if when uploading episode images to make sure no other user is already adding photos to an episode gallery as it will possibly lead to confusion of some sort. Try to avoid names of the same photos as well and not to overwrite any other photos unless the quality is bad.

Fanart/ Fanfiction

Fanart and Fanfiction are not allowed on the wiki whatsoever and should not be added to any existing or new article. If things like these are submitted, it will be delted and the user will be giving a warning at first and a block if they repeatedly keep doing this. If you guys really want to post Fanart or Fanfiction, the User and current owner of the wiki Babysmurfrocks has a wiki called the Rugrats Fanon Wiki for fanart and fanfiction

Episode Article Format / Layout

Episode Gallery Transcript
Season 1 Episode 2b
Style Manual
Original Airdate August 18, 1991
DVD release Season 1
Previous Episode Barbecue Story
Next Episode At the Movies
Episode articles make up most of the pages on the Rugrats Wiki and many of the pages currently are seen with different formats and layouts. Currently most of the episodes just have screen shots from the episode as the image in the episode infobox but we're trying to have the title card of the episode instead. The way the article should be laid out so it's the same on every page is:

[Example: Episode Waiter, There's a Baby in My Soup]

Waiter, There's a Baby in My Soup is the second segment of the second episode of Season 1, and the second Rugrats segment overall.


(In heading two format)


(Everything like characters present should be in heading 2 format not in heading 4 like it is in the example. Also the Summary will come from Klasky Csupo so even if something like a name is wrong please do not change it as it is under Klasky Csupo's words as that's how it originally was. )




Book Article Format/Layout

Oh Brother Rugrats
Style Manual
Number of Pages 24
Written by Luke David
Released June 1, 1999
Book pages are for Rugrats and All Grown Up! books that have been released as merchandise. The page should be laid out on every page with:

[Example Book: Oh, Brother!]Oh, Brother! is the 9th Rugrats 8x8 book and was released June 1, 1999.



(This is for the description given on the back of the book and the heading should be heading 2 not 4)


(Same as above should be heading 2 and not 4 and should be for the plot of the book if accessable)

Song Article Format/Layout

You Make Me Love You
You Make Me Love You
Episode Music
Sung by Tommy
Released March 6, 1999
Album N/A
You Make Me Love You - Rugrats

You Make Me Love You - Rugrats

Songs pages are for the songs sung either in episodes, movies, or even just albums released. A video should be provided if it can be found, if not just leave the space blank for now. The page should be laid out on every song page with:

[Example Song: You Make Me Love You] You Make Me Love You is a song from the Season 6 episode Music. It is sung by Tommy with Chuckie, Phil and Lil as the background singers.


(Again Lyrics should be in heading 2 format not 4)


Every Transcript page should be filled out word-per-word from the episode it's related to and what's going on in the episode. Character names should be bolded and all text for a character speaking should have "" around it. If it's the first time the character is speaking there should be a link to the character's character page. Any events going on should be italicized like for example: [Tommy walks over to Dil] and this is how it should be done on every transcript. 

[Example of Transcript: The First Cut]

[The episode begins in the park with a close up of a feather floating in the air with sounds of tweeting being heard. The feather then floats downward toward a sidewalk as it revealed a baby bird lying on the sidewalk. The next scene shows the sun as Tommy, Lil, and Phil stand over the baby bird wondering what was wrong with it.]

Tommy : "I think he's hungry."

Lil : "I think he's cold 'cause he doesn't gots no furs."

Phil : "Nah, he's scared. I've seen Chuckie squawk like that lots of times."

[As Phil is talking the scene cuts to showing Didi and Betty talking. Didi was sitting on a bench as Betty was standing next to her. The scene then cuts back to Tommy, Phil, and Lil looking down at the bird as Tommy speaks.]


All photos should be added to the appropriate character and episode galleries and no gallery shall contain any fanart photos or innappropriate content.

Gallery Format/ Layout

Galleries should be sorted out into two different sections for Rugrats and All Grown Up! See Phil DeVille/Gallery for example.


Templates are used on almost every page on the wiki whether it be episode, song, stub, or simply just a character infobox template. These templates should be used appropriately for the right page.


Only appropriate categories should be added to the articles that relate to what's on the article. Most of these are already on the pages and don't need to be added at all.

For Characters some of the appropriate categories are:

  • Characters, Rugrats Characters, All Grown Up! Characters, Minor Characters, Recurring Characters, One show Characters, One-time Characters, etc.
  • Kids, Children, Babies, Infants, Toddlers, Preschoolers, Siblings, etc.
  • Adults, Grownups
  • 1 year olds (any other age category)
  • Preteens, Teenagers
  • Males, Females, Humans, Aliens, Animals, Dogs, Cats, Toys, etc.
  • Sons, Daughters, Stepsons, Stepdaughters, etc.
  • Mothers, Fathers, Stepmothers, Stepfathers, etc.
  • Grandsons, Grandaughters, Stepgrandsons, Stepgranddaughters, etc.
  • Nieces, Nephews, Cousins, etc.
  • Pickles Family, Finster Family, DeVille Family, McNulty Family, Carmichael Family, etc.
  • Jim Jr. High Students, Jewish People, Christians, Villians, Antagonist, Heros, Fairies, Giants, etc.
  • Characters who wear glasses, Characters who have red hair, Characters who have freckles, Old Characters, Employed Characters, etc.
  • Rugrats, All Grown Up!, The Rugrats Movie, Rugrats in Paris: The Movie, Rugrats Go Wild, Rugrats: Tales From The Crib, Rugrats Pre-school Daze (Add only the category in which the characters are involved in so like any character in the Rugrats series (movies included) will have Rugrats and what ever else they appeared in.), and Content
  • Characters voiced by [insert voice actors name] (This category should only be used if the voice actor is voiced by many side characters or just main characters)
  • Stub (if necessary and please use the stub template)

For Episodes some of the appropriate categories are (All the pages have been created so here are some small extra that can be added if necessary):

  • Episodes focusing on [Character name] 
  • Episodes where [Character name] doesn't appear (this category only applies for the main characters like Tommy or Chuckie)
  • Stub (if necessary and please use the stub template)

For Galleries some of the appropriate categories are:

  • Images, Episode Images, Character Images, Galleries, Character Galleries, Episode Galleries, Rugrats Galleries, All Grown Up! Galleries, Movie Galleries, Rugrats, All Grown Up!, Rugrats Pre-school Daze

For Transcripts some of the appropriate categories are:

  • Transcripts, Unfinished Transcripts, Finshed Transcripts
  • Rugrats, All Grown Up!, Rugrats Pre-school Daze, The Rugrats Movie, etc.

For Books and Games or other Merchandise:

  • Merchandise, Toys, Videogames, Books
  • Games on [Gaming Platform like Playstation for example]
  • Rugrats, All Grown Up!