Season Seven
Season 7
Format Animation, comedy, family, fantasy
Network Nickelodeon
Run 2000–2001
# of Episodes 15
DVD release October 4, 2011
Previous Season Season 6
Next Season Season 8
"Rugrats" Episode Guide

Season 7 is the seventh season of the Rugrats Television series which ran for fifteen episodes from 2000-2001. It is the first season to feature shorts.

Season 7: 2001-2002

Angelica becomes an evil robot; Dil's pacifier gets tossed around the house; Chuckie must protect Kimi.

Stu makes a Dil screensaver; Phil and Lil make a pie; Angelica has a dream, in which she is powerful.

Angelica seeks a sibling; Spike has a nightmare; Kimi falls for a pinata.

Chuckie thinks that his life parallels that of Cinderella.

Stu is forced to wear uncomfortable shoes; Dil and Spike's perspectives of the world around them; The babies wish on shooting stars.

Chuckie and Kimi go to day-care; Tommy finds something weird on the stairs; Cynthia goes missing, and the babies battle the McNulty kids for the doll.

Chuckie goes through adjustments with Kira; The babies attend a magic show; The babies see the local retirement home.

Howard develops laryngitis; Tommy tries to find Dil's bottle; Kimi gets more attention than Chuckie.

Angelica and Susie compete in a contest; Dil takes a bath; The babies have various adventures.

Chuckie breaks the toilet at his house; Angelica breaks Charlotte's cell phone; Angelica gets a watch.

The babies attend a "lunch party"; Tommy shows various things to Dil; Chuckie believes that Kimi is going back to Japan.

The kids play a game; Tommy shows more things to Dil; Angelica hosts her own "talk show".

The gang celebrates Kwanzaa.

The Rugrats are now ten years older and attending middle school.


  • This is the first whole season where the animation is done digitally, the show transitioned from cel to digital in the previous season with Acorn Nuts & Diapey Butts.
  • This is also the first whole season to be animated by Sunwoo Entertainment, who absorbed Anivision (the show's primary overseas animator) in April of 1999.