Season Six
Season 6
Format Animation, comedy, family, fantasy
Network Nickelodeon
Run 1999–2000
# of Episodes 33 (61 segments)
DVD release October 4, 2011
Previous Season Season 5
Next Season Season 7
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Season 6 is the sixth season of the Rugrats Television series which ran for thirty-three episodes from 1999-2000. Four episodes from this season were inexplicably held over and aired during Season 7.

Season 6: 1999-2000

Dil gets lost at the bakery; Tommy is under the false impression that not growing hair will keep him young forever.

The babies go to the zoo; Chuckie and Lil pretend to get married.

In an attempt to get Tommy's toy pony, Angelica trades the babies "magic beans", which Dil "eats"; The babies think that Dil has turned into a watermelon.

Angelica tells Tommy that he will disappear after Dil gets his old toys; Angelica performs ballet.

The babies meet their alter egos in the park; The babies see themselves in various works of art at the museum.

The babies visit a nursery; The babies visit their grandparents in the country.

The babies get involved in a ghost story with characters from Aaahh!!! Real Monsters; Chuckie fears revenge after Angelica sends Reptar an angry letter from him.

Chuckie gets a new car; The babies perform music videos.

Chuckie moves into his own "apartment"; The babies hold their own prom.

Angelica tries to say silent to receive toys; Angelica ties Chuckie's shoes.

Chuckie looks for a career; The babies try to build an ark after fearing a huge flood.

Angelica tries to hide her cold; The babies perform an initiation ceremony for Dil.

Grandpa Lou competes in a wrestling match; Chuckie starts a new collection.

The babies get sucked into an evil Robot Reptar movie, in which they must find Reptar, and then stop Angelica's evil Reptar.

Dil and Tommy must share their pet dog; The kids hold their own election.

Tommy thinks that he is turning into a monster; Susie gets a toy oven, but she cooks horribly.

Chuckie studies safety from an officer; The babies think that Grandpa will be sold.

Angelica makes Dil her "partner" after watching a crime film; Tommy tries to stop the other babies from thumb-sucking.

Didi is planting dill plants, which the babies think is baby Dil; Angelica tries to turn the babies against each other.

Didi completely re-models Tommy and Dil's room, against Tommy and the others' goodwill; Susie learns how to fix broken toys.

Chuckie wets the bed; The babies form a scout troop.

Chuckie destroys his shirt, and he cannot find a replacement; The babies try to get to the cookie jar for Angelica in a spoof of the Jurassic Period.

The babies dream that they are small, and that Dil is larger than life; Angelica tries to help with a business dinner for Charlotte's boss.

The babies catch various ailments; The babies sing a song.

Susie imagines that she is in a world similar to The Wonderful Wizard of Oz when she is under anesthesia while her tonsils are removed.

Chuckie tries to give a Valentine to his father, Chas.

The babies go on an imaginary tour when Angelica and Susie cause some damage at a picnic.


  • The Klasky Csupo Splaat started to appear after the end credits of "Runaway Reptar".
  • This is the last season to use traditional cel animation, the very last episode "Acorn Nuts and Diapey Butts" saw the show switch over to digital ink and paint.
  • This is the longest season of the show.
  • Beginning with "Chuckie's Bachelor Pad/Junior Prom", the animation company changes from Anivision to Sunwoo Entertainment (the latter absorbed the former in April 1999)
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