Season Four
Rugrats S4 DVD 2018
Format Animation, comedy, family, fantasy
Network Nickelodeon
Run 1996-1997
# of Episodes 17 (30 segments)
DVD release September 23, 2011 (MOD version)
February 6, 2018 (retail version)
Previous Season Season 3
Next Season Season 5
"Rugrats" Episode Guide

Season 4 is the fourth season of the Rugrats Television series which ran for seventeen episodes from 1996-1997.

Episode list

The babies help Grandpa settle an old feud during a religious holiday ceremony.

Chuckie is sad because he does not have a mother.

The gang goes on a trip.

Spike looks after some stray kittens while Stu prepares for a barbecue; Chuckie catches the chicken pox.

Grandpa and the kids listen to an old radio show; Angelica pretends to be psychic to get whatever she wants.

Stu and Drew compete to be on a TV show; The kids battle the McNultys at the playground.

Stu takes the kids to a car wash; A new friend helps the babies to retrieve water on a hot day.

The gang goes to a Medieval festival; Chuckie's cold strengthens his sense of smell.

The babies fear "dust bunnies" when the grown-ups clean the house; Angelica goes to pre-school, and she must learn to share.

Angelica makes the babies work at her lemonade stand; Phil and Chuckie experiment with wearing dresses.

After being scolded for his own bad habits, Chuckie tries to potty-train Spike; Angelica appears to be a gifted artist. Note: This Episode aired Exactly 1 Day after The Mother's Day Special.

The babies mistake fog for being in the sky; While on a fishing trip, Tommy and Chuckie accidentally lose Angelica's doll, and then pretend to be "Wavy Seals" to save the missing toy.

Grandpa has problems sleeping, so the others try to replace his mattress; Charlotte's van breaks down en route to a "Dummi Bears" concert, and Angelica is mistaken for the daughter of an Italian restaurant owner when she goes to ask for help.

Tommy catches hiccups, and the babies' attempts to scare him do not cure him; A change of season makes the babies think that the trees are ill, so they apply whatever remedies they think of, but this unfortunately causes Stu to believe that that somehow the backyard is haunted.

Angelica pretends that her favorite doll gets "kidnapped" to get candy; The babies visit a department store, where they find a lonely turtle that they wish to set free.

Angelica orders food from a deli using Stu's voice-changer invention; When the Pickles take their family Christmas photo in August, the babies think that Santa Claus forgot about them.

The babies try to defend a live turkey that Grandpa wins from being Thanksgiving dinner, Stu and Drew try to watch football, Didi and the ladies try to find food for dinner, and Angelica wants to hold a parade.

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