In 2001, the Rugrats series was updated with a new intro that included Susie, Dil, and Kimi. The music was also updated and uses less synth sounds incorporating more instruments into the theme song including a violin and xylophone.


The video starts with two diapers in mid-air. Tommy's legs go through one pair and the other lands on top of Dil's head. Tommy then goes back on his feet and brings his baby brother into his arms and they both watch a flying airplane with Angelica's doll Cynthia inside. Grandpa Lou is sleeping on the couch and Spike begins to chase the airplane. While doing so, he sets off several bouncy balls with a blue one going towards the bathroom where Chuckie is playing with the toilet paper. He steps on the blue ball, causing him to fall into the toilet and his shoe comes falling off. The airplane is being remote controlled by Angelica who uses it to dodge a ball and knock down a Reptar doll while flying the plane clear out the open door and into the lawn where Spike continues to chase it and Phil and Lil are seen playing in the garden. They join the others and Kimi is revealed to be hiding in the sandbox with a sand bucket on her head and Susie is also playing with her skipping rope. Didi then brings out a plate of cookies for the kids to enjoy and Angelica then throws her remote control away when she runs to join the others and Spike catches it in his mouth mid-air. Just as Angelica prepares to sit down with the others, Spike shakes his head with the remote in his mouth and causes the airplane to go crashing into her from behind, knocking her into the cookies.



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