Rugrats Mystery Adventure
Rugrats Myster Adventure
Developer(s) N/A
Publisher Mattel Interactive
Series Rugrats
Platform(s) PC
Released September 16, 1999
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Next Nickelodeon Party Blast
 Rugrats Mystery Advenutre is a Rugrats game that was released September 16, 1999.


He's Pickles. Tommy Pickles. Not only is he the best private detective in town, he's the only one. So he could use your help. Tommy's working on ten different cases for his clients, Misses Susie and Misses Angelica. Who drank Susie's chocolate milk? Did Angelica swipe Phil & Lil's buried treasure, or was she framed? Help Tommy get a clue!


There's not too much to do in each mystery. Simply collect at least two Reptar bars (one to guess the puzzle pieces and one to guess the culprit) and head to the informant to solve the case. While you can select incorrect puzzle pieces, it doesn't seem to matter whom you select as the guilty party afterward, as the case is solved either way.



  • The Case of the Missing Jack-in-the-Box
  • The Case of the Sand in the Sippy Cup
  • The Case of the Missing Binky
  • The Case of the Missing Chocolate Milk
  • The Case of the Grand Thief Auto
  • The Case of the Missing Buried Treasure
  • The Case of the Malties Ducky
  • The Case of Cynthia's Doll-Napping
  • The Case of the Macarodi Art Heist
  • The Case of the Missing Crayons


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