Rugrats Go Wild Gallery Transcript

Act I

Scene I- Nigel Thornberry Fantasy

[In a black background "Paramount Pictures & Nickelodeon Movies Present" & "A Klasky Csupo Production" fade in and out of view, withe the sound of animals and birds in the brackground. We then cut to a series of Hawaiian images (some of which has Rugrats Characters and the TV series' name) while native percussion and chanting is heard before a tiki rises out of the water and we zoom into it's mouth before the title "Rugrats Go Wild" appears along with some torches. The flames cover the screen and subsides, leaving the screen black.The next scene shows a purplish sky with birds flying as it pans down and zooms out showing a rain forest with a river running through it and the sun setting in the background as the camera keeps zooming down into the rain forest and shows the Rugrats.]

Tommy : "Come along faithful viewers, on our journey through the drainforest as we serach for that very unusal creature...the three toed sloth."

[Tommy is seen through a camera dressed as Nigel Thornberry as its recording as Tommy walked through the tall grass in serach of the three toed sloth. Tommy then pushes back the grass as there's a three toed sloth sleeping in the tree nearby.]

Tommy: "Ah there he is, heathing with life! Lets get a closer look shall we?"

Chuckie : "Oh no, don't! Cut! CUT!"

[Tommy walks over to the tree as Chuckie, dressed as a director, yells out telling them to stop recording as it's revealed that Lil was the one recording the entire time.]

Tommy: "Don't worry Chuckie, I'm Nigel Strawberry! Wild aminal expert!"

[As Tommy is talking a tiger hops up onto a branch behind him as the twins try and get his attention. The tiger then jumps down behind Tommy and roars as Tommy turns around.]

Tommy: "And because I'm an expert, I think...Everybody into the truck!"

[Tommy and the others head for the truck while the tiger glares at them as it sees Tommy running towards the truck. As they get in Chuckie pushes the gas pedal with his hand as they truck starts moving with Kimi driving. Tommy is running behind the truck as the tiger is chasing him before he then jumps on the back of the truck. Lil keeps filming him as they try and get away from the tiger.]

Lil : "Say something Nigel." 

[The camera the zooms in on the camera screen that's showing Tommy]

Tommy: "I can hears the tiger's running feet, see his sharp teeths, and Ah! feel a cool breeze."

[The tiger is seen running and jumping behind Tommy, trying to grab him as the tiger grabs and pulls on the back of Tommy's diaper, ripping it in the process as Kimi gasps and turns the truck suddenly as the tiger goes flying into a tree. The truck then drives off a cliff and down into a river as the Rugrats scream, as the truck lands a "crocagator" emerges from the water and heads over to the truck as it jumps up and snaps causing the babies to scream once again but crocagator then scratches itself like a dog.]

Tommy: "Not to worry, guys."

[Tommy then pulls a squeaky chew toy out of his diaper and throws it as it bounces off the crocagators head as it goes after it as it pants and pounces at the toy grabbing it. Kimi then tries to start the truck but it wouldn't start.]

Kimi : "Oh no!"

Lil: "It's coming back!"

[The camera quickly changes from Kimi trying to start the ignetion to the crocagator which had the chew toy in it's mouth shaking its head and squeaking it as it headed back over to the babies.]

Tommy: "But that was my onlyiest Q toy!"

Chuckie: " Let's feed him Phil!"

[Kimi honks the horn of the truck trying to get it to start as Chuckie grabbed onto Tommy's shirt suggesting that they should feed Phil to the crocagator.]

Phil : "I heard that."

[Phil is seen holding Lil by the strap of her vest as she was leaning out of the car and filming.]

Tommy: "That way! Through the swamp!"

[Tommy points to his right, in front of him, as the scene cuts to show all the babies running before Tommy steps and sinks into some quick sand as Phil and Kimi are seen stepping in and sinking as well before it shows Lil, who was still filming, sinking in the quicksand as well.]

Lil: "Nigel why are we sinking?" 

[Chuckie and Tommy are seen through the recording camera screen as Tommy is seen looking at the quicksand.]

Tommy: "Quicksand! I should've knowed! Guys hang on to me!"

[Tommy is seen grabbing a nearby vine as he reaches his hand out towards the others as Chuckie grabs his hand as the others hold onto each other. Just as Tommy was about to pull them in, they all screamed as the scene cut over to show the tiger running towards the babies. Just as the tiger pounces with the camera viewing inside it's mouth the screen flashes as it cuts back to reveal that the tiger was Fluffy as the scene was frozen as the camera circles showing the babies in the sandbox, Angelica holding Fluffy, and Spike playing with his toy. Fluffy then meows as the mustache Tommy was wearing falls off his face.]

Scene II- Pickles Home, Backyard

Angelica : "What are you diaper bags screaming about?"

[Tommy moves back as the scene switches to Angelica as Fluffy squirms in her arms causing Angelica to drop her  as she walks to walk off the screen as the scene cuts and shows Fluffy walking across Tommy's, who was hanging half way out of the sandbox, back before jumping off and going back over to Angelica and rubbing against her legs.]

Chuckie: "We're about to get eated by that fercious siefrian tiger."

Angelica: "You pretending to be Nigel Strawberry again, Tommy?"

[Tommy stands up on the edge of the sandbox.]

Tommy: "Yeah, he's my hero and when I grow up I want to be just like him."

Angelica: "Pickles, you're no Nigel Strawberry. You're not even a Nigel Raspberry!"

[Angelica leans foward and blows a raspberry in Tommy's face causing him to fall and tumble backwards into the sandbox.]

Angelica: "You're never going to have real adventures, you're just a backyard baby with a diaper full of dreams."

[Angelica cackles as she walks away with Fluffy.]

Phil: "Wow. She's mean. Now, who wants to go look for cookies under stuff?"

Lil: "I do!"

Phil: "Okay, come on follow me!" 

[Phil, Lil, and the other babies run off screen towards the house as Tommy sadly sits in the sandbox. The scene then cuts to Spike chewing on the chew toy as Tommy walks from behind the TV sitting on the patio wall as he sniffles and wipes his face. Tommy then turns his attention to the TV when he hears Nigel Thornberry's voice.]

Nigel (on the TV): "The panthera onca, commonly know as the jaguar seems determined to feast on my nether reigon, but not to worry."

[As Tommy goes around to look at the TV Nigel is seen running from a jaguar before he then jumps into a boat as the scene cuts back to Tommy as Tommy smiled before it cuts back to the tv once more.]

Nigel: "Well, faithful viewers our journey was a smashing success."

[Nigel then falls into the river water.]

Nigel: "Until next time, this is Sir Nigel Thornberry of Sir Nigel Thornberry's Animal World."

[Nigel gets back up as he is then seen fighting of alligators as Lou, who was sleeping in the hammock behind Tommy, woke and picked up Tommy.]

Lou : "Why, hello, scout. Boy, rest your eyes for a second and ol' Thornberry's gator bait. Hey, boy that Sir Nigel gets in some real scrapes out there in the wild but he always manges to wiggle out of trouble somehow."

[Tommy smiles looking up at Lou as the scene then changes to out in front of the Pickles' home as Drew and Charlotte are seen carrying bags inside as Charlotte was talking on the phone like usual.]

Scene III- Pickles Home, Dining Room/Kitchen

Charlotte: "Oh, and Jonathan, don't think that just because i'm on a luxury Lipschitz cruise in the South China Seas I won't be checking messages, E-Mail, and carrier pigions on the hour."

[Drew opens the front door as he goes in and puts the bags down sighing as Charlotte walks by, throwing her bag on top of the ones Drew just sat down as she walks into the kitchen. As Charlotte is walking into the kitchen, Betty is seen getting food out of the fridge as Kira and Chas were sitting at the table along with Dil who was sitting in his high chair.]

Drew: "Honey, I thought we were going to leave work behind for seven fun-filled days."

Charlotte: "Silly, it's not all work. I signed up for every spa treatment, culminating in the Salem Retreat, where you're pressed between layers of hot rocks."

[Charlotte ruffles Drew's hair as he licks his hands and fixes his hair as Drew and Charlotte walk off screen as Dil knocks a box of donuts onto the floor as Phil and Lil are seen dragging the box under the table as Didi walks into the kitchen holding a pacifier.]

Didi : "Sounds bewitching, but aren't we all going to be busy with our children?"

Betty: "Deed, that's what the Kidsatoriaum is for. Each morning, we drop off the pups and head for the all day breakfast buffet. I hear they make a mean egg yolk omlette."

[Betty turns from the fridge holding a pile off food consisting of carrots, bread, hot dogs, a jar of a unknown substance and a tin can of an unknown substance. As Betty talks to Didi she pulls a tray of cupcakes out of the fridge as one falls off and rolls under the table, where Phil picks it up and tries to decide between the donut he had in his other hand or the cupcake. Phil eats both the donut and the cupcake as he stuffs the cupcake in his mouth before then stuffing the donut in his mouth as Lil watches him while eating a donut herself. The camera then zooms over to Kimi and Chuckie as Kimi takes a bite out of her donut as the jelly inside the donut squirts onto Chuckie's glasses. Chuckie wipes the jelly off his glasses as it gets on his hands; Chuckie then wipes his hands on his shirt before eating a bit of the jelly off his hands.]

Kira: "We signed the kids up for pirate play and pillage class."

Chas: "It teaches tolerance for the peg leg."

[Kira and Chas are seen reading magazines as Howard walks in lifting some weights.]

Howard: "Well, I'm going to use the whole seven kid-free days to reshape my physique."

Betty: "Could happen, if The Earth was created in six."

[Betty is seen closing the fridge as Howard stumbles and falls backwards offscreen before the camera cuts to show that he landed on the luggages as Stu walks into the kitchen.]

Stu : "Everyone all set?"

Didi: "I think we should all thank my husband, Stu, for arranging this wonderful getaway."

Stu: "No, you can thank me by having the time of your lives."

Scene IV- Cruise Ship Docks

[Lou is seen coming in as he puts Tommy on the floor as Phil, Lil, Chuckie, and Kimi come out from underneath the table. Some music begins playing in the background as the lyric "Holdiay" is heard as the scene is cut to the cruise boat at a dock.]

Dr. Lipschitz : "Welcome! Bienvenue! Willkommen! Welcome aboard the world renowened Dr. Lipschitz cruise!"

[The crowd surrounding the boat cheered as the lyrics "Holiday" and "Celebrate" are heard as the camera zooms down to the Rugrats' Families.]

Didi: "Stu must have taken Spike for one last potty run. I-I'm sure he'll be right back."

[Drew is seen pacing around in front of Didi and the others.]

Drew: "He better, he's got all our tickets."

[Drew then hits a balloon with  Lipschitz face on it as the camera follows it until the camera shows the Rugrats standing next to all the luggage.]

Tommy: "That sure is a nice camera, Susie."

Susie : "Thanks Tommy, my mommy got it for me so she can see everything she's missing."

Chuckie: "How come she and your daddy can't come on the cruise with us?"


Stu: "Ahoy, mates! Captain Stu at your service! Climb aboard for seven fun-filled days on the S.S. Nancy.

Right behind you, boys!

If you like to make a call, please hang up and try again.

If you need help, hang up...


(The camera gets hit with mud)


Angelica: "We're stuck on the topical island Daddy got's no people on it.

Kimi: "But we're here, Angelica."


Angelica: "Hey that bird's got a cupcake. Drop it beakhead! [The bird's poop falls out of its butt and it lands on Angelica. A fall whistle is heard in the process.] Ew! [She growls and then stomps over and kicks a coconut, but then screams in pain and hops on her foot until she trips] There's got to be someone around here I can boss."

[Suddenly, Angelica hears Darwin hooting and chattering and she looks from behind the leaves and sees Darwin painting Debbie's toenails.]

Debbie: "Listen up, monkey. All that chimp chatter really bugs. [Puts her headphones on] Just hand over those munchies and keep painting."

[Darwin passes the bowl to her with his foot and he grumbles as he keeps painting her toenails]

Angelica: "Wow! She's got that monkey waiting on her hoof and mouth. (Walks out from behind the trees) Cynthia, I could learn a lot from that girl. [She approaches Debbie] Excuse me, Miss Bossy Lady?"

[Darwin sees Angelica and screams and hoots in fear.]

Angelica: "[To Darwin] Pipe down, Monkey! [Faces Debbie and starts shouting] Hey, lady!"

Debbie: "[Takes off her headphones and sunglasses] Who's calling me a lady? I'm a teen! [Gasps at the sight of Angelica] Where'd you come from? This is supposed to be a deserted island."

Angelica: "I'm Angeli-tiki, the island princess. And I'm thirsty. (Runs up to Debbie's chair and drinks up all her juice) And I lost my touch for being bossy, so you got to teach me. (Puts Debbie's empty glass full of ice cubes in front of Darwin) No ice cubes next time."


Darwin: You'll never believe what I just saw! There's a little girl at camp, and she's a miniature Debbie! In every day. She's bossy, she's loud... She's hideous!

Eliza Thornberry: "Darwin, look!"

Darwin: "A dog?"

Eliza Thornberry: "What's he doing here?"

Darwin: "Oh, spreading his fleas on an unsupecting world."

Eliza Thornberry: "Come on!"

[All of the sudden, Spike began to talk for the first time.]

Spike: "Hey! Could you give a dog a little warning? I-I'm trying to do my business here!"

Eliza Thornberry: "I'm so sorry."

Spike: "For a minute there, I thought I actually heard you talking to me. You talking to me? "Are you talking to me?"

Eliza Thornberry: "Yeah, I can talk to animals. It's a long story."


Tommy: "Is everything okay, Chuckie?"

Phil: "When did Chuckie start talking backwards?"


Eliza Thornberry: "Spike, This isn't your regular housecat."

Spike: "They all twitch their whiskers, one whisker at a time, just like you and me."

(the song "Big Bad Cat" begins to play.)

(Siri the Clouded Leopard snarls at Eliza and Darwin. Darwin faints.)


Angelica: "Is that a CD Player?"

Debbie: "Cool!"

Angelica: "I love this song!"

Debbie: "Hey, me too!"


Kimi: "Chuckie, be careful!"

Lil: "He's so brave."

Phil: "Or dumb."

[Nigel Strawberry and the Rugrats starting cheering.]

Chuckie: "I want my clothes back!"

Chuckie: "That's better. Now I can see!" 

[Chuckie puts his glasses on, Suddenly, a sunda clouded leopard growling at Chuckie.]

Chuckie: [Fraction screaming] 

["Damone's Frustrated Unnoticed" plays, while Donnie grabs Chuckie and put him into the stroller and push away.]

Tommy: "I'm sorry, guys."


Stu: "It's getting a signal!"

Debbie Thornberry: "Yeah. Except... (laughs nervously) I sunk the comvee."

Marianne Thornberry: "You what?!"


Susie: "I'm beginning to think you took this scrubmarine without permission, Angelica!"

Angelica: "Oh, you think you're such a know-it-all, carmichael. Now, here's the right button."

Angelica: "You need this to drive."

Susie: Mm-Hmm.

Angelica: "Now here's the other right button..."

(fishes swim away. While all this happens, American Hi-Fi's "Message in a Bottle" plays in the background.)

Marianne Thornberry: "I can't get the signal. We've gotta try to reach them on your coconut."

Stu: Hello. Calling Angelica."

Drew: Angelica, Susie, Can you hear me?"

Tommy: "Our mommies and daddies!"

Angelica: "Daddy, Tell Susie to stop bothering me when I'm trying to drive the scrubmarine!"

Susie: "Oh, give me that, Angelica!"

[Chuckie slides into the window and squeegees.]

Nigel Thornberry: "Kippers! I'm the happiest lad in all of England!"

[Angelica tangling her arms]

Debbie Thornberry: "Listen, Angeli-tiki. It's me, Debbie."

Marianne Thornberry: "Do you see a rad handle?"

Susie: "I see it!"

Marianne Thornberry: "I need you to push that up. That wil bring up to the surface."

Angelica: "Drooley, don't touch that!"

[Angelica falls over grabs Dil pulling the lever down.]


Stu: "it's obvious, The first thing to do is to make a signal fire."

Drew: "You know what else is obvious? You're an idiot!"


Spike: "Well, Eliza, As dog is my witness, I'll never lose my babies again!"

[The kids laugh, Dil hits Spike with a rattle.]


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