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Rugrats Go Wild
Producer Gabor Csupo
Director Norton Virgien
John Eng
Writers Kate Boutiler
Released June 13, 2003
Run time 80 minutes
Previous Rugrats in Paris: The Movie
Next None

Rugrats Go Wild, also known as The Rugrats Movie 3: Rugrats Meet The Wild Thornberrys, is a 2003 crossover animated film, with two animated Nickelodeon TV series Rugrats and The Wild Thornberrys that was released in theaters on June 13, 2003 by Paramount Pictures and Nickelodeon Movies. The Rugrats was the only Nicktoon to have a theatrical film trilogy until August 14, 2020 (Canada), November 5, 2020 (worldwide via Netflix), and March 4, 2021 (US, via Paramount+), when The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge on the Run was released, SpongeBob SquarePants is now the second Nicktoon to have a film trilogy.

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The Rugrats get stranded on a deserted island on a cruise and meet the Wild Thornberrys, who help them get off the island.


The film starts with Tommy and the gang pretending to be in an adventure in the jungle with Tommy as Nigel Thornberry, his hero, informing his friends about a fierce tiger. Suddenly, the tiger pursues the babies as they flee from it, via their jungle jeep. Tommy tries to catch up before the tiger does as well, however, the tiger bites his pants and tears it apart on purpose after he managed to jump on the jeep to save himself. The babies then found themselves in the water. Tommy notices a nearby "Crocogator". Once it approaches the babies, it attempts to attack angrily, frightening the babies. Despite its fatal attacks, it then behaves similar to a dog. Tommy fetches his rubber ball to the self-tamed animal and it catches it with its mouth. Then it starts homing in on the babies in an evil manner. The babies park the jeep and rush into a pool of quicksand, even though Tommy didn't realize it was there. Thus, he latches on to a vine and suggests the others by grabbing on to his hand and gradually free themselves. But before they could,the tiger reappears attempting to attack the babies. Then Angelica comes and interrupts them with Fluffy, turning out to be the tiger, saying that Tommy will never be his hero, which makes him sad. Meanwhile, the adults are packing and readying for their 7-day vacation in the South China Seas.

When they reach the pier, everyone is there except for Stu and Spike (Susie's parents aren't there either because her mom is getting a new award for discovering a new disease while her dad is cutting the ribbon for the opening of the Dummi Bear theme park). Although, it is revealed that Stu actually planned a trip themselves, so they set sail on a ramshackle boat that he rented. Everyone gets disgruntled and they try to get on the cruise by sending signals and driving the boat there themselves. When they get a signal from the cruise, it disappears with a signal from Debbie Thornberry on an island. and then cuts to a scene with them.

9 months after the wild thornberrys movie on the island Debbie is arguing with her mom since they are not back from trying to find a Clouded Leopard. Then the scene cuts to when the boat is flipped over by a rogue wave during a tropical storm and they are forced to abandon ship onto a life raft.

They end up arriving on a small uninhabited island. On the same island, but on the other side, are the famous globe-trotting family the Thornberrys. Meanwhile, Angelica scares the babies saying they will be eaten unless they treat her as princess. Although,Betty decides to break up the fight by drawing a Betty decides to break up the fight by drawing a circle in the sand then stu's friends and family (even his wife) decided to follow Betty after she assigned stu to baby watch then seeing Stu sad, the babies set off to find them for they suspect they are somewhere on the island, thinking they can help. Then stew decides to build A radio and he asks Angelica to watch the kids then she tries to find someone she can boss, and Spike sets off to the babies. Going through the jungle, Angelica (going by the name Angelitiki, the island princess) finds Debbie, asking her how to be bossy. Meanwhile, somewhere along the way Chuckie gets lost and runs into the Thornberry's Tarzan-like child Donnie and the two switch clothes. Donnie gets with the group and Chuckie befriends an animal. Meanwhile Eliza, the gifted Thornberry, is exploring about the jungle and runs into Spike.

Since Eliza can talk to animals, Spike (now voiced by Bruce Willis) talks for the first time and he informs her that the babies are lost somewhere on the island. In their journey, Eliza finds Siri, a clouded leopard and she sets off to go eat the babies. While this is occurring Eliza's father, Nigel, finds the lost babies. They share the waffles and put ketchup on his waffle. Susie, Kimi, Phil, Lil, Chuckie and Tommy are all crying about going home to California (Susie's decision cry, Kimi's district cry, Phil & Lil's mirror & jubilation cry, Chuckie's Windstar and Tommy's wisdom cry). He attempts to head in their direction but ends up tumbling down a hill and receives amnesia after a coconut falls on his head. Then, Angelica and Debbie takes off in the Thornberry's all-purpose mobile communication vehicle (commvee). While not paying attention the twosome sink the commvee and Angelica steals the bathysphere. Later Siri finds the babies, but Donnie fends her off. Then Chuckie finds him and they get back their clothes. After running off from Siri, the gang lands in a crater. When they all give up hope, Angelica saves them. On the island, the parents encounter Mrs. Thornberry. When they try to find the babies in the bathysphere by making radio contact with them, it worked, but since they are out of fuel, they can't get to the surface without the commvee's help, although the the commvee is underwater. Then Stu makes up a plan, and it works. With the children being reunited with their families, everyone is happy (except Angelica, who is seen wearing different clothes, like no other character, at the end) and they all go on vacation. Photos of the families on the Lipschitz Cruise are shown during the end credits, and only one contains Angelica in her white dress, trying to push Susie’s camera away.


  • Rugrats Go Wild was originally meant to be a made-for-TV movie with the name The Rugrats Meet The Wild Thornberrys until the film was reworked into a 80 minute theatrical film.
  • This is the second crossover Rugrats had with a another Klasky-Csupo show with the first being with Aaahh! Real Monsters in the episode "Ghost Story".
  • This movie is considered the weakest of the three Rugrats films, earning mixed-to-negative reviews and not performing as well as the other two (although it did manage to earn back its budget of $25 million).
  • Fans also say that the characters should have interacted more, which they barely do.
  • When this movie was first released into theaters, audience members received 'Odorama' cards which they needed to sniff at specific points. This gimmick was not well-received.
  • When the adults notice that their children are missing, Didi exclaims "I felt like this has happened before!". This is possibly a reference to The Rugrats Movie, in which the babies got lost in a large forest, and Rugrats in Paris: The Movie, where they got lost in Paris.
  • When the characters arrive on the island, Kira yells "I should have never left Paris!". This is a reference to Rugrats in Paris: The Movie.
  • Nigel Thornberry having amnesia and thinking that he's a baby is possibly a nod to "Regarding Stuie" where Stu got amnesia and thought he was a baby.
  • This film shows the first signs of the split that happens in All Grown Up! between Phil and Lil when Lil gives up eating bugs and became a "Vegitabalatarian", and wants Phil to do the same.
  • This is the only Rugrats film to get a PG-rating from the MPAA.
    • It is also the only Rugrats movie in which Susie plays a supporting role, as opposed to a cameo, and the only Rugrats film to use the 2003 Klasky-Csupo logo instead of the 1998 Klasky-Csupo logo, unlike the first two movies and the only Rugrats film to use the 2002 Paramount Pictures logo instead of the 1986 Paramount Pictures logo.
  • Unlike the last two movies, where it's about family, this one focuses on two fan service "doubles", with Chuckie and Donnie, and Angelica and Debbie.
  • During the chase scene, the song "Frustrated Unnoticed" plays, a reference to the Scooby-Doo chase scene, when a song is played when Tommy, Chuckie, Phil, Lil, Kimi, Susie, Dil, and Nigel Thornberry being chased by Sira the Clouded Leopard.
  • The song "Frustrated Unnoticed" that played during the chase scene in the movie was not included on the Rugrats Go Wild Soundtrack
  • When a huge tidal wave approaches Stu's boat, Chas says Chief Brody's line from Jaws, "We're gonna need a bigger boat."
  • Titanic Reference: When the babies and their family were sailing on their ramshackle boat, Angelica stands at the bow holding up Cynthia and sings, "I'm Queen of the world!", and the song from James Cameron's Titanic, Rose plays. As a reference from the scene where Jack Dawson stands at the bow of the RMS Titanic shouting, "I'm King of the world!"
  • The Reptar Wagon makes a quick cameo at the beginning of the movie. When the babies' fantasy turns back to reality, it could be seen in the background in their inflatable pool, revealing that the babies used it as their jeep they used in the fantasy.
  • Spike mentions Fifi and the puppies they had back in the episode, "Bow Wow Wedding Vows", when he explains his pups were home with his wife, he also explains Fifi has a weak stomach.
  • The only Rugrats film where Dil does not cry in nor throw up.
  • Howard may be in the film, but nobody said his name at all in the film.
  • When Spike starts speaking, he was also able to do stuff like stand on his hind legs and use his front legs like arms.
  • When Spike first comes upon Siri, he begs her to sniff his butt and tells Eliza and Darwin he doesn't shake with cats. Although, he did take care of little kittens back in the episode, "Spike's Babies".
  • Nigel Thornberry is referred as Nigel Strawberry by the babies.
  • This is the final produced Rugrats product until Tales from the crib.
  • This is the only Rugrats movie to be animated in the widescreen 2.39:1 "scope" aspect ratio, like The Wild Thornberrys Movie and unlike both The Rugrats Movie and Rugrats in Paris, which were animated in the taller 1.78:1 ratio.
  • It grossed the least of the three films at the box office.
  • It is the first Nickelodeon film to be a crossover.
  • This is the first animated sequel to be rated PG by the MPAA, unlike the previous installments which were rated G.
    • It is also the first animated sequel to be produced in a 2.35:1 aspect ratio, unlike the previous installments which were produced at 1.85:1.


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