RugratsComicAdventures V3-10

The cover to the final issue, which featured a crossover with Rocket Power.

Rugrats Comic Adventures was a magazine published in the United States by Nickelodeon Magazines, Inc. from November 1997 to August 2000. As the title suggested, it featured comic stories based on Rugrats, plus articles written from the perspective of the characters and activity pages. It ran for a total of 30 issues, released as three ten-issue volumes. The issues were originally sold only through subscriptions, but later saw releases in comic book stores and newsstands starting in January 1999.

For much of the early half of the magazine's run, it consisted mainly of comic stories originally printed in the Rugrats comic book published by Marvel Comics in Great Britain. However, starting in the second volume, the magazine also began printing newly-made comic stories not originally published anywhere else alongside the Britain-produced stories. Eventually, in the third volume, the magazine consisted entirely of newly-made stories made specially for the magazine, along with selected strips from the Rugrats newspaper comic.

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