Rugrats Adventure Game

Rugrats Adventure Game
Developer(s) Broderbund Software
Publisher Broderbund Software
Series Rugrats
Platform(s) PC / MAC
Released 1999
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It's the first software game that lets you join an adventure with the Rugrats gang! The evil Alien Queen Angeleeka is out of destroy the earth - and Reptar, the babies' only hope, could become a light snack for Hubert the Trash Monster. So it's up to you to save the day in a real Rugrats adventure!


The game takes place at the Pickle's home, with Tommy and the gang roaming around the house.                                With the player controlling them.

Unlike the previous games, you are allowed to move freely around inside and out of the house.                                        As you progress, you will gain acess to more areas. But some may be out of reach, literally.

The game allows you to adventure throughout the pickle's home.

Graphics + Sound

Out of all of the early rugrat games, this one probably had the best graphics and voices. With the graphics, the player could see many details, even from a mile away. For example, the player could see the knob of the front door from the play-pen area, a 3 room distance.

The voices were also highly rated as a great feature of the game like previous games. The Rugrats Adventure Game featured the returning voice actors for the roles of Chuckie, Tommy, Phil, Lil, Stu, Grandpa Lou, Charlotte, Angelica, and so on.

In-Game Features

Out of all of the features in the game, the features crying and inventory were of the most importance. On the bottom of the screen there are 3 slots, theses were used to hold items in the players inventory, the players inventory being Tommy's diaper. The player would use items and tools found around the house via exploration. Ex, when the player finds a screwdriver at the beginning of the game, they can use that to unhook the hatch on the gate to exit.

The player shows Chucky the way to the cookies by climbing the cabinets.
This picture shows the player about to press the cry button, which will teleport him to the play-pen.
The Crying Button: By pressing this, all the babies will cry, alarming the adults. A parent, the most common being Didi (Tommy's Mom) will approach the babies and bring them to the play-pen, thus making it easy to quickly return to the living room. The cry button can be pressed almost everywhere, but may be deactivated in some locations.

If the button if pressed inside the play-pen, Didi will only come to comfort the babies, as they are already 'home'.

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