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Rugrats (2021 movie)
Producer TBA
Director TBA
Writers TBA
Released January 29, 2021
Run time TBA
Previous Rugrats Go Wild
Next TBA
Rugrats (2021 movie) is an unnamed and upcoming film that will be written by David Goodman and it was originally set for a November 13, 2020 release but has been pushed back to January 29, 2021 by Paramount and Nickelodeon Movies. It will be the fourth film in the franchise and will be the first to be live-action with CGI animation. It is a part of Nickelodeon's effort of reviving the series for a new generation of audiences. Paramount Players will release the film in theaters.

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Rugrats 2020 on Variety Fair


Nickelodeon confirmed the news with a post on their official Instagram.

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