Rugrats: Tales From the Crib
Tales From The Crib 70
Original Run 2005 - 2006
Episodes 2
Status Ended
Preceded By All Grown Up! (2003-2008)
Related Shows Angelica and Susie's Preschool Daze, All Grown Up!, Rugrats
Rugrats: Tales From The Crib are straight to DVD specials that were produced by Klasky-Csupo, the first one was Angelica and Susie's Preschool Daze. The first one, Snow White, is available on VHS and DVD, but Three Jacks and a Beanstalk is only on DVD. These specials are not the end of the original Rugrats series, but are side-stories. These special focus on the babies being in the fairytale stories that Taffy tells.




  • The episodes from Tales From The Crib uses there very own form of an intro different from the normal intro.
  • An old Rugrats VHS shares the name Tales from the Crib.
  • When Dil is woken up by Susie, who is the magic fairy, blowing the trumpet, his scream is just like Tommy's.
  • These movies are basically treated as a season 10 by most fans of Rugrats. However, these are not actual seasons, they are side-stories that some do not treat as canon.
  • Due to the VHS format being discontinued in 2006, for some countries, a VHS copy of Snow White is extremely rare and hard to find.


You can find Rugrats: Tales From the Crib VHS gallery here.

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