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Rugrats: Studio Tour
Developer(s) n-Space
Publisher THQ
Series Rugrats
Platform(s) Playstation
Released November 10, 1999
Previous Rugrats: Time Travelers
Next Rugrats in Paris: The Movie

Rugrats: Studio Tour is a PlayStation video game published on November 10, 1999 based on the Nickelodeon television series Rugrats. It is rated E for everyone. It is also the second game in the Rugrats Games Series.


While on a trip to a movie studio, Tommy, Chuckie, Phil, Lil, Angelica, Susie, and baby Dil venture away from the grownups. But in the process, Dil gets locked behind a door, and the security guard loses the keys to the door thanks to Dil himself. It's up to the babies to find all the keys to that particular door and get Dil back!

First, the babies must play a game and if they successfully complete the game they will be awarded with a key that needs to be put into a keyhole from one to eight. Once inside, there is another gate with a total of twenty-five keyholes where only one of the holes that'll open the door.

Once a key have been inserted to the correct hole, the gate will open with a way to the mansion, Okey Dokey Jungle, and Reptar Park, where a Reptar car and robot can be found.

The game comes to an end when the babies return to their parents and are awarded with ice cream. Except for Angelica, who was caught running away.


There are some items in this game. Some of them are very important to finish the game.

  • Door Key: It's a gold key. It's not a pick-up item. To get a key, you have to finish a scene. This key is used to open the security door where Dil was trapped inside. From all scenes, you can get 16 keys to be put into 33 key slots. Once used, you can get the key again from scenes you've completed earlier.
  • Reptar Bars: Recurring from the first game, Search for Reptar. In this game, there are lots of Reptar Bars compared to the previous game. You can collect them in every stage. The normal green bars will add a Reptar Bar and the special pink Reptar Bars will add more than one bar (2 - 10 bars). Collect 50 of them to get a door key.
  • Purple Key: This pick-up item exists only in levels that have a secret passage. When you approach this key, it'll shine. Once you pick this key, the secret passage will open. The passage has nothing to do directly for finishing a scene as usually it only contains several Reptar Bars.
  • Blue Key: This pick-up item is only available in the "Treasure Hunt" scene. In order to get one, you have to open a blue chest. But, if you hit Mr. Friend or a crab, you'll lose one of them and you have to pick it up again. You need to collect all blue keys in every level to open the final chest.
  • Green Key: This pick-up item is only available in the "Shirley-Lock Holmes" scene. You need four of them to open the mansion door.
  • Zapper Battery: This pick-up item is available in "Gold Mine" and "Zero Gees" scenes. This item fully recovers your zapper's battery.
  • Jump Booster: This pick-up item is available only in "Zero Gees" scene. One pick will give you 5 of them. When you press the O button while having the booster, you can jump higher than usual.
  • Race Power-ups: This pick-up item is available in every racing scenes. This pick-up looks like the episode title strap. Once you get them, you can multiply it's quantity by passing through a purple arrows pad. There are several race power-ups you can get each with it's different functions.
    • Diaper: It makes the car spins a little or causing a baby to fall in a footrace.
    • Cookie: It boosts your speed either in the car race or footrace.
    • Milk Bottle: It gives you invincibility or in other words, unstoppable by any damaging power-ups as long as it takes effect (indicated by blinking character and a sound).
    • Ball: It can stun a baby's move when someone hit it. Other than that, a ball can hit a bulls-eye target along the race track that'll give you some Reptar Bars.


  • Lazy Saddles: A western-themed set where you play as Susie. The title is a pun on the movie Blazing Saddles. The director here is Buck West.
    • Western Golf: A nine-hole miniature golf game with a western theme. If your score by the end of this game is below par (34), then you get a key and a bonus level to collect as much Reptar Bars as possible before the time runs out.
    • Gold Mine: A three-scene game where you play as Susie, Chuckie, and Tommy, respectively. The objective is to get the gold before time runs out. Use your flashlight to zap away the ghost cars rode by Mr. Friend; if one hits you, you lose gold. Similar to the "Treasure Collecting" game, only you ride in a Gold cart.
    • Milk Squirt: A four-scene shooting gallery where you play as Susie, Lil, Angelica, and Phil, respectively. The goal is to simply complete the given objectives before the time runs out. Similar to the "Lazy Beam" game, only you are armed with a milk bottle.
    • Round Up: A four-scene game where you play as Susie, Tommy, Chuckie, and Spike, respectively. You must grab the animals and return them to their pens within the time limit. In the case of Spike, you must chase the animals to their right pens.
  • Outside Space: A space-themed set where you play as Chuckie. The director here is Ray Rocket.
    • Zero Gees: A three-scene sidescroller game where you play as Chuckie, Phil, and Susie respectively. The goal is to reach the end of each stage. If you fall down anywhere in the stage, you'll be returned to the last checkpoint you passed (indicated by a star), but if you stilln't pass any checkpoint, you have to start all over again from the starting line.
    • Loonie Lander: A four-scene game where you play as Chuckie, Lil, Angelica, and Tommy, respectively. The goal is to get the aliens before time runs out. It's a collecting game similar to "Treasure Collecting", but you ride a space cart in this game and hunting for aliens, not gold.
    • Lazy Beam: A four-scene shooting gallery. You play as Chuckie, Lil, Tommy, and Phil, respectively. The goal is to simply complete the given objectives before the time runs out. Similar to the "Milk Squirt" game, only you are armed with a laser zapper.
  • Diapies of Thunder: A racecar-themed set where, even though Phil and Lil are both seen in front of it, you play as Phil. All of the games on this set are racing-based. The director here is John Speed.
    • Speedway Race: A racing game plotted in a speedway. In this 8 laps race, you play as Chuckie. Other players are Tommy, Phil, and Angelica.
    • Bayou Beltway: This racing game is set in the swamp for only three laps. You play as Lil. The other competitors are Chuckie, Susie, and Angelica.
    • Desert Race: This racing game is set in a Wild West desert for 4 laps. You play as Angelica. The other competitors are Lil, Chuckie, and Tommy.
    • Bonus 1: This racing game is set in the Pickles House for 8 laps and is unlocked after you finished the game. The characters are very small compared to the objects surrounding. In this race, you play as Tommy. The other racers are Spike, Reptar, and Louie Pickles.
  • Captain Cookies: A pirate-themed set where you play as Angelica. The director here is Andrew Gold.
    • Pirate Golf: A nine-hole miniature golf game with a pirate theme. If your score by the end of this game is below par (34), then you get a key and a bonus level to collect as much Reptar Bars as possible before the time runs out.
    • Treasure Collecting: A four-scene game where you play as Angelica, Susie, Chuckie, and Tommy, respectively. The directive is to collect all the gold coins before time runs out. Similar to "Coal Mine" except that you're on foot.
    • Treasure Hunt: A three-scene game where you play as Angelica, Chuckie, and Tommy, respectively. Your goal is to find and open the big brown treasure chest in each level by previously opening four small blue treasure chests that each contains a blue key. You need to collect all four blue keys to open the final treasure chest.
    • Footrace: You play as Angelica and race the other babies in a race by foot.
    • Pirate Tag: You play as Angelica to tag all the other babies before time runs out.
  • Find Dil: This is the last set that you have to clear. The goal of this set is to complete all three scenes to get Dil back.
    • Shirley-Lock Holmes: You play as Angelica who acted as Shirley-Lock Holmes, a pun of Sherlock Holmes. In the first part of the game, you have to collect four green keys around the graveyard to open the mansion's front door. Once inside, you have to play with two buttons that'll move platforms so that you can get to the final door upstairs.
    • Okey Dokey Jones: This scene is a pun of Indiana Jones. You play as Tommy to pass obstacles in a sidescroller game. It is very similar to "Zero Gees", but you're not equipped a zapper and no booster jump power-up.
    • Reptar Park: This is the final scene of the game. You control a Reptar Wagon to run away from Reptar so that you can escape from it. The scene divided into three parts. In the first part, only Tommy and Angelica are on the wagon. In the second part, Phil and Lil will join you followed by Chuckie and Susie in the third and last part. Once you finished this scene, you can watch the ending cutscene of the game.

Game Feature

Just like the previous, this game supports multiplayer playing. But, there is a slight difference between the two. The Studio Tour supports multiplayer by using two controllers, meanwhile Search by Reptar supports only one controller, which cause mini-golf activity as the only game available for multiplayer.

In this game, there are scenes that are available for one, two, or four players. Only mini-golf scenes are available for 4 players gaming. Meanwhile, the scenes supporting two players game by the use of two controllers are Treasure Collecting, Footrace, Round Up, Milk Squirt, Lazy Beam, and every race scenes (Speedway, Desert, Bayou, and Bonus 1).

Besides of those mentioned above, the scenes only support single-player gaming. The difference between the multiplayer section theme and regular set playing is that the character you use is fixed and unchangeable during the entire game.


  • This is the first game where Susie is available to be played in the regular game. Previously in Search for Reptar, she's available only for mini-golf activity.
  • This game may be based on The Rugrats Movie as the three last scenes which also exist in the film are Shirley-Lock Holmes, Okey Dokey Jones, and Reptar Park.
  • The soundtracks in this game are reused from the previous game, but only in the Outside Space and Find Dil sets.
  • There is a second bonus revealed in the credits. You can make your character's head bigger by pressing O, X, and O button respectively in the pause menu of every race scene plus the tag scene. You have to do that after the Lights, Camera, Action command finished. To return the head size, simply do the steps again.
  • Ray Rocket is voiced by Steven Blum, who also voices TOM from Toonami (a robot on a spaceship), and Hal Jordan from Injustice 2 (a space cop.)


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