Rugrats: Scavenger Hunt
2219883-rugrats scavenger hunt
Developer(s) Realtime Associates
Publisher THQ
Series Rugrats
Platform(s) Nintendo 64
Released June 29, 1999
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Rugrats: Scavenger Hunt is the third game in the Rugrats games series. It features many of the characters. The video game was released in 1999 for the Nintendo 64. 


Players control one of four babies: Tommy, Chuckie, Phil and Lil. Angelica serves as the main antagonist during the Temple of Gloom board, trying to snatch items in question before the others. She also may take away items from other players if they come in contact with her. Susie (only on the Pirate Treasure Hunt board), Spike and Grandpa Lou serve as allies doing various tasks such as giving players extra cookies when they come in contact with them. Dil, who became Tommy's baby brother in The Rugrats Movie, appears when a player stops on a "Mystery" space, driving the Reptar Wagon and changes the identity of the spaces on the board.

The opening cutscene of the game opens with Didi (Tommy's mother), Lou, Tommy and Chuckie sitting around the table with a game board on top in the living room. Didi speaks up and says that it has been a while since she played a board game. She tells Lou to read the rules of the game while she goes to the kitchen to make popcorn for everyone. Lou reads the rules from the rule book, makes a comment saying, "Uh huh. Uh huh. Interesting." And then falls asleep like always. Chuckie then asks Tommy what a "boring game" is. Tommy replies saying he doesn't know, and that maybe to win, everyone should be bored. Angelica enters the room saying how silly the babies are and then explains that it is actually a board game. Lou then wakes up and picks up the rule book to read the rules once again. Afterwards, the player has a lot of options to choose from. Options can include, the hidden square feature, deciding which game board to play on, picking babies as players 1, 2, 3, 4, or CPU, etc.

There are three different game boards, Reptar Rally being the most distinctive. There is also a hidden square option that can be turned on or off at the start screen. Toy cards give players special abilities. One lets players turn into Reptar and travel up to five squares and stop anywhere they like, which can only be achieved normally when a "Set Spin" is selected randomly from the spinner.

The main goal, however, is to collect the most of a specific item. Stages usually begin with a brief cut scene to explain what needs to be collected, then the game begins. Items can be gathered after landing on the "Search" space, which can be recognized by the magnifying glass design. Searching may lead players to find only a dust bunny, a did item with no function, but it is the only way to acquire certain items. If a player finds the "Double Search Power" tool when searching, he/she may search twice every turn.

Game Boards

Angelica's Temple

When the player selects the game board "Angelica's Temple," the opening cutscene opens with Stu walking into the living room with a box that he order from the shopping network, and says so to Lou (Stu's father). Lou asks what Stu got, and Stu sets the items down one by one on the table where the babies are sitting, explaining that they are replica statues of ancient Aztec idols and then Stu states that they all cost him only 3 payments of $19.95.

Didi then calls for Stu to help her in the kitchen, and Stu obliges and leaves the living room. Lou then tells the babies that Stu's statue reminded him of the time he went exploring Aztec ruins with archaeologists when he was younger, just as Angelica enters. Lou even says that he remembers that they had to hack through miles of jungle before reaching the Temple of Cocoabola.

Before he gets further into his story, he falls asleep. Chuckie then shivers and says that the statues are "scary-looking." Angelica then says to Chuckie that he should be scared and then she tries to trick them by saying the statues are cursed, and the babies would be sorry if the statues were broken.

However, as she finishes her sentence, she accidentally knocks over all the statues onto the table and they break and shatter into pieces all over the table. Afterwards, the camera shows an overhead view of the broken statues on the table as the narrator instructs in a very deep, ominous voice for the player to find all of the broken pieces before Angelica finds the pieces to her own statue. If the babies fail to do so, they will end up being trapped in the Temple of Cocoabola forever. Afterwards, the narrator lets out an ominous and unsettling cackle before the player is switched to the main game.

Due to the player(s) controlling one, two, three, or even all four babies on the board, the babies work together searching for all of the pieces of the statue. In some places in the different areas of the temple, the babies will come across dust bunnies in their search, but will eventually find pieces of the broken statues. If the babies find a piece of Angelica's statue, it renders Angelica unable to get it unless one of the babies encounter her or if she encounters one of them.

If the babies find all of the statue pieces before Angelica finds hers, the ending cutscene will show Stu running into the living room to see his statues broken. Angelica will say it wasn't her that broke them, when in reality, she did and gets punished for it. Tommy then says it takes baby power to break a curse. Lil and Phil cheer and Chuckie giggles at their victory.

However, if Angelica finds all of her statue pieces before the babies find theirs, the ending cutscene will show Stu running into the living room and seeing his broken statues. Angelica blames the babies for breaking the statues as a way of wriggling out of punishment.

Stu complains that he made the payments for the statues, then wonders if they came with a warranty when he bought them. Then, Didi enters the living room and picks up Phil and Lil and suggests putting the babies in their cribs for their nap, stating that babies need plenty of sleep, according to the family's doctor Dr. Lipschitz. Stu silently agrees, picking up Tommy and Chuckie. After Stu and Didi leave the living room with the babies, Angelica scoffs and says that grown-ups will believe anything.

Depending on who finds the broken statue pieces first, the ending cutscene alters the story overall.

Pirate Treasure Hunt

When the player selects the game board "Pirate Treasure Hunt," the opening cutscene starts with Stu telling Lou about a pirate ship he finished for the aquarium in the living room, and Stu puts his homemade pirate ship inside the aquarium.

As Stu leaves the living room, Lou tells the babies, or no one in particular, about how Stu's pirate ship reminded him of how he went diving for pirate treasure. He even says that he and a group of other divers went down the depths of the ocean in search of a shipwreck. He also says that the ship they were finding was said to be carrying treasure like gems and gold somewhere. But before he could finish, he falls asleep once more.

Phil then says that he has never heard of pirate treasure before, and then Lil comments that she hasn't either. Thinking that pirate treasure is food, she asks if it's good enough to eat. Angelica then enters the living room holding foreign objects in her hands, telling the babies that they are treasure used to trade for ice cream and toys. Angelica then says that all over the house, there is hidden treasure, just as Susie enters the living room. And Angelica even goes as far as saying who will find the most treasure will be Angelica's "first mate" and split the treasure.

Susie offers to help the babies find the treasure, being the good friend she is. Lil claims that she wants the treasure, and then Phil argues that Lil won't have it if he finds it first. Tommy, excited to explore the pirate world, urges everyone to venture out. Chuckie gets a sense of fright and is skeptical about the whole thing and says it sounds scary. Afterwards, the camera shifts over to the pirate ship and the aquarium as the narrator instructs in a hardy pirate accent for the player to find all of the treasure before the other babies do. Then the player is shifted over to the main game.

After the player(s) or CPUs find all of the treasure, the ending cutscene shows the babies back inside the house with Angelica. She congratulates the babies on finding her "treasure" until she realizes that the objects on the floor that she showed them earlier are just useless junk. Chuckie then asks where the real treasure is, and Tommy replies, full of optimism, that the treasure is in the pirate ship inside the aquarium. Angelica says the treasure is not inside the ship, but Tommy argues with Angelica that the pirate ship is where the treasure is supposed to be. Angelica decides to prove Tommy wrong by trying to reach into the aquarium and take the pirate ship out.

Angelica, about to remove the pirate ship, eventually gets caught by Didi, and she asks what Angelica is doing. Realizing that she has been caught, Angelica cries and complains that the babies ruined her plan, like they always do with their trusty baby power.

Reptar Rally

When the player selects the Reptar Rally game board in the main menu, the opening cutscene starts with Phil and Lil fighting over a Reptar doll. Eventually, the doll flies out of their hands and lands on the table, knocking over a cup of chocolate milk.

Phil and Lil cry over their mistake, and Didi, hearing them, comes into the living room to see the mess on the table. She say's she will clean it up before the milk dries up and leaves.

Angelica, in her sassy fashion, blames the babies for creating the mess, but reassures them that they are lucky that Reptar didn't get angry, and then she tells the babies that from where Reptar comes from, it's always messy.

Tommy asks Angelica what kind of mess it is, and then Angelica says it's all kind of messes, but mostly a candy mess. Hearing this, Phil and Lil instantly recollect themselves from their scuffle and are enticed by the idea of a candy mess.

Chuckie gets wind of this and, with his usual skepticism, says he doesn't like messes. Tommy reassures him that it's a candy mess they are talking about, and that all kinds of candy could be theirs. Phil and Lil agree with the idea and the babies all set off on their adventure and the player is shifted over to the main game.

Unlike Angelica's Temple and Pirate Treasure Hunt, the babies have transformed into Reptars of themselves. When a specific number stops on the spinner (which is a Reptar egg) the babies move only one way around the Candy Mountain, occasionally collecting Reptar bars, keys to different zones, and even trading candies.

Just like Pirate Treasure Hunt, Reptar Rally is a competitive game board, consisting of the babies competing against each other to see who reigns victorious first.

Each baby has a zone of their own that represents their favorite sweets. Tommy's zone is his favorite sweet, ice cream. Chuckie's zone is his favorite sweet, licorice. Phil's zone is his favorite sweet, pudding. And Lil's zone is her favorite sweet, chocolate milk. The babies can collect keys along the way around Candy Mountain that allows them to go to the other babies' zones.

Each baby has the objective to collect 5, 10 and 15 sweets, in order to win the game. If any baby collects every sweet of specific amounts, the one with the most sweets will win the game and become Reptar's champion.

Afterwards, the ending cutscene will show the babies and Tommy's little brother, Dil, sitting in a circle around the sweets. Angelica comes up to them and demands the babies to hand over the sweets. Phil asks in curiosity what she is talking about, and Angelica refers to the candy. Tommy, in defiance, refuses to hand over the sweets to Angelica and claims that the sweets belong to the babies. Chuckie contemplates giving the sweets to Angelica, but Lil shouts, "No!" in protest. Angelica decides to get the candy herself. Before she makes it to the sweets, she trips over something and lands in between the sweets and Dil. Frustrated, she tries to find the source of what she tripped on, but she doesn't notice that the Reptar doll behind her was what she tripped over, and Reptar roars his iconic roar, ending the story.

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