Rugrats: Royal Ransom
Developer(s) Avalanche Software
Publisher THQ
Series Rugrats
Platform(s) Game Cube, PlayStation 2
Released Nov 26, 2002
Previous Rugrats: Castle Capers
Next Rugrats: I Gotta Go Party

Rugrats: Royal Ransom is the tenth game in the Rugrats games series. The video game was released on November 26, 2002 for the PlayStation 2 and Game Cube.


Stu Pickles, Tommy's dad, creates the PlayPalace 3000, which is a huge playground made out of many zones that expands out of a small metal cylinder. He needs to leave to get duct tape and paper clips, so he leaves Lou Pickles to watch the kids, and when he falls asleep, Angelica enters the PlayPalace 3000 and takes their toys (Tommy's Lion (presumably Henry), Superthing , Wawa , and a bag of worms). She challenges the Rugrats to come and take them back.

Susie Carmichael gives information to the player throughout the game and praises them., though she doesn't make an appearance until she is unlocked in the Funny Money store. Even then, she is only used as a playable character in the minigame mode. 

Playable Characters


The game is set in the Pickles' backyard, where the PlayPalace 3000 is located. The Rugrats first have to collect 100 coins to get into the PlayPalace (though the player starts off with 500 coins), and afterwards, they have to collect Batteries around the backyard and the many Zones. If they lose a game, they will be sent down the slide. To re-enter the PlayPalace, they must pay 100 coins. Its possible to get stuck, as a player may not have enough coins to re-enter after so many times, and must search the backyard and inside the house for coins. However, its not enough to total 100 (depending on how much the player has). So the player will have to save and restart the game at least once until they reach 100. Coins can be found throughout minigames, so they are considered valuable. 

When a player completes a game, they will earn a Big Battery. Once the player receives enough to fill the slots (the number of big batteries needed increases each leve), they can proceed to other Zones and to go up a level. Little batteries can be found throughout games, but are mainly used as a collectible. 

Angelica Pickles is located on the top floor, and when the player completes that level (Stormin' the Castle), the Rugrats will get their toys back.

Each level has a different theme for minigames (the first level being jungle themed and winter themed, the second being dinosaur themed, circus themed, and underwater themed, and so on).

Throught the game, small wads of cash known as Funny Money can be found (blue/green is 10, purple is 50, red is 250). Money can be used at the store (located on the first floor though a pipe) to buy different things (such as silly sound effects, the ability to play as Grandpa and Susie in the minigame mode, being able to find hidden funny money,  etc)


  • The game's graphics looks similar to the graphics in Spyro: Enter The Dragonfly.
  • 'Tak' makes a cameo, within a snow cave, waving in the snowboarding minigame.
  • Chuckie is voiced by Candi Milo in this video game, Milo would later provide the voice of Dexter from "Dexter's Laboratory" taking over from Christine Cavanaugh who also voiced Chuckie.


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First 30 Minutes Rugrats Royal Ransom PS2 GC

First 30 Minutes Rugrats Royal Ransom PS2 GC

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