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Rugrats #1
Number of Pages 32 (full color)
Written by Box Brown
Released October 18, 2017

Rugrats #1 is a comic book that was published by BOOM! Studios on October 18, 2017. For more information on this comic book, please click here.


"Tommy, Chuckie, Phil, and Lil have noticed something—they are being watched. Somehow their parents can see every little thing they can do. They’re going to have to find a way to have fun while avoiding the electronic eyes of the babycam!". -Official articledescription.


The Comic starts with Tommy and Chuckie hiding from Reptar with a pink bow on its head, while Chuckie tells Tommy that they're doomed. In which, Tommy responds that Reptar is out of control and that the need a plan to protect the city. Chuckie then replies with "We'll be lucky enough to get out of here alive!", before he then points out a second Reptar as they both began destroying a nearby building. Tommy and Chuckie then begin running away in the opposite direction from the Reptars. As they run Tommy, after Chuckie asks what were they going to do, tells Chuckie that he has a plan going on to explain to Chuckie how the Reptars don't like water and knowing what they had to do. Chuckie then answers with asking Stu for a glass of water.

Tommy says no and points out that they have to go to the ocean as they jump off the side of a cliff. Once they do so they're back in reality as it is revealed that Chuckie fell onto his face as he comments that the ground wasn't a very soft ocean as sprinklers go off around them. It is also revealed that the Reptars are actually just Phil and Lil wearing Reptar mask. Lil and Phil both tell Tommy that they don't want to get soggy and they're not supposed to get wet. At the same time, Didi, Betty, Howard, Stu, and Chas all walk outside. Stu is showing his update on his phone to Howard and Chas that is supposed to make his phone battery life last longer while Didi sees the kids running in the sprinklers. Betty also says that it looked like the kids were having fun as the Rugrats run around and play in the sprinklers.

Seeing that they were all soaking wet, Howard picks up Phil and Lil telling them that it was time to go home. Chas picks up Chuckie and wraps him in one of the extra towels he carries with him. As they wave the other families goodbye, Didi tells Betty that she will text the recipies to her later while Stu holds Tommy telling him that he was going to dry him off. Later on that evening, Tommy is playing wrestler as the Tominator as he fights Pepper Penguin, his stuffed penguin toy. However, before he can do his final move, Stu walks into the room and flicks on the bedroom light as he then confinscates the penguin. He then tells Tommy that it's time for bed and that he can't do anymore leg drops on his toy. He also tells him not to get out of his crib. Tommy lies down in his crib wondering not only how his dad knew about what he was doing, but also that he had Pepper Penguin in his place.

Tommy then thinks that there is a hole in the wall that his dad is watching him from as he gets up and begins inspecting the walls next to his crib. He then notices the new pig toy sitting on the bedside table remembering that it's new. He reaches out and grabs the toy pig, which has a small security camera inside, in which he comments in his thoughts that it's heavier than it looked. He then assumes his dad is watching him through the pig's eyes as an idea sparks in his head. The next night, Stu is standing in Tommy's doorway telling him that he's not getting out of bed as Stu did not want a repeat of last night. Stu then says to Tommy that once he syncs his phone with the T.V it was lights out for Tommy. Meanwhile, Tommy pulls a folder, papers, and crayons from under his pillow while Stu is not paying attention as he began to draw and color a picture to look exactly like his room. Telling himself in his thoughts that once he does this he should be able to do what he wants and that he could get revenge on Pepper Penguin.

After five minutes, Tommy's drawing is seen in front of the pig's camera as Stu takes a picture of it commenting that it'd probably would get thousands of likes. He then tells Tommy goodnight as walks out of the room and turning off the light. As Stu turned out the light Tommy asked himself as to how Stu knew the drawing was fake. He then says that the picture was a perfect real life drawing of his room and then wondering if he'd never get revenge on Pepper Penguin because his parents are always watching him; He gulps at the thought. The next morning, Stu takes Tommy over to the Finster's place as he tells Tommy to be good for Chas as they walk up to the front door. Once on the porch, Stu puts Tommy down as he thanks Chas for watching Tommy,

Chas asks Tommy if he's ready to play with Chuckie as Tommy toddles inside. Chas then tells Stu that he was trying out some landscaping on his own after seeing an article and that he would dm Stu the photos when he was finished. In which Stu responds that it would be great if Chas did so and that it reminded him of the article Howard sent him on Gardening Seasons as he attempts to send it to Chas. As Stu and Chas continue talking, Tommy goes out to the back sliding door looking for Chuckie as he calls out for him. He then says that he had something to tell him.

Other Contributors

  • BOOM! Studios (publisher)
  • Nickelodeon (collaborator)
  • Lisa DuBois (artist)
  • Jorge Corona (cover artist)

Characters Present

Character Designs

The character designs are extremely different when compared to their television counterpart. This is conveyed on the front cover of the comic and their character designs within the book.


The Rugrats: #1 gallery can be found here.

Official character designs for the comic. Illustration by Dublah, and uploaded/confirmed by the official Rugrat's Facebook page.


  • This is the first comic in the Rugrats franchise published by BOOM! Studios.
  • The official Rugrats Facebook page confirmed this new comic series in a Facebook post.
  • Judging by the cover art, the art style is very different from the previous books/comics.
  • The comic appears to take place before the first movie, given the absence of Dil Pickles, Kimi Finster, and Kira Finster (though Kira does appear on the New York City Comic-Con variant cover), and Tommy sleeping in his old crib with his bed from the first movie nowhere in sight. However, the comic also features the characters using modern technology such as smart phones and drones, which couldn't have been possible in the time-frame of the original show.
  • Despite being on the cover, Angelica Pickles and Susie Carmichael are not featured within the story itself.



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